New Mom Beauty Routine.

So there’s a new baby in our home. Ha ha ha. New baby. Is a 7 month old still considered a new baby? Whether he is or not, I’m still struggling to get my shit together in the mornings. 

I’ve set my alarm to 5:30. Maverick has typically been sleeping until 6 am so I figured “half an hour should be enough.” Enough for makeup, packing Hails lunch, eating my breakfast, making his bottle, letting the dogs out, letting the dogs in, enough time to fix my hair. A cup of coffee. Stretch. 

I’m laughing as I just finished this paragraph because all of the above in 30 minutes is just ridiculous. I actually almost never really FIX my hair. 

So really my makeup routine consists of very basic elements. Concealer, powder/bronzer, mascara, eyeshadow, & I make it to brush in my eyebrows SOMETIMES.

My go to beauty products won’t break the bank & aren’t tested on animals. Which as a mom with a family on a budget & animal lover those are my MUST requirements.

Wet n Wild max volume mascara is AMAZING! Before I invested time into researching who tested on animals and didn’t, I was buying maybelline. They have no desire to stop stabbing cute bunnies in the eyes with mascara wands so fuck em. And I found this type. It coats, it thickens, it makes my eyelashes look fantastic for about $6.50. 

The bronzer is by Physicians Formula and I’m so in love. It’s light on my skin and gives me a subtle glow. Which is great because then I don’t look like a cast member off the Walking Dead. 

And since I’m putting on makeup, it better last me the better part of the day. I cannot say enough good things about Pink Papayas color collection. I use E.l.f concealer under my eyes and on my eyelid. It acts like a primer and when I apply my Pink Papaya eye shadow trust me when I tell you a little goes a long way. 

I miss the mornings that I could just shrug my shoulders at the lack of effort I dished out. Those were the days I could sleep for 12 hours and I woke up looking natural and blissfully pretty. Now with the stress of projects at home and at work, football season in full swing, homework until almost 9 every night, and a baby, sleeping for 8 hours is a luxury. Father Time doesn’t help either. My skin doesn’t look anything like it did in my early twenties! Damn it!!

Here’s to all you new mommies trying to look pretty while dragging ass. 👍🏻



Facebook Detox.

I am a social media junky. There. I said it out loud. Or wrote it for people to see that I have a problem.  I couldn’t start the day without checking my newsfeed. I’d roll over, grab my phone, and get on Facebook. Despite telling myself that it was going to be filled with things that are going to break my heart. 

I could pretty much guarantee the mood I was going to have by what I encounter while patrolling my newsfeed or reading the things I was tagged in. Frankly, the majority of the things I was reading was horrible. They were sad, depressing, animal and baby horror stories. Day in. Day out. And it was starting to take a toll of my emotional and mental well being. 

These things left me angry and with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. I love animals. I love reading happy stories about them and people. The problem is that the happy news was coming in less and less. I started unfollowing pages. Pages that really did good but whose stories were just awful.

Then there were the “friend posts” that actually make you want to scream “Get the fuck over yourself” and grow up. 

And lastly there were the posts I’d make and share. At least twenty times a day. AT LEAST! So I just decided to stop. I didn’t deactivate my account but I removed the app from my phone. I haven’t been on for two weeks. I haven’t cried. No mental breakdown. No withdrawals. Nothing except happier mornings and moods.  I also have more time believe it or not for my sweet Maverick. And I’m also making memories that I’m keeping to myself rather than sharing every single one with the world. 

I’m hoping to give it up all together eventually. Hoping my family overseas will all get in Instagram lol. 

Here’s to making one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 👍🏻  


Things I Love:

I just felt the need to write about the things that bring me everyday happiness. The things that on a gloomy day, can make it a great day!!!
Because sometimes you have to focus on even the smallest bright side of a bad day to prevent yourself from going ape shit on someone!

So here’s my randomly composed list of “happies”
My Family. Annoying some days?! Yep. Give me a headache and stress me out?! Sure! But my family is by far the biggest factor of happy in my life! Hubby, Hails, fur minions all add to what I love best about coming home.

Makeup!!!! Sadly, I am like a lot of women and have more than my fair share of the shit! And guess what?! Let there be a sparkly eye shadow on sale and even though I have 6 in the drawer super close to that color, Imma buy it anyway!!!

Baking. That’s right. When I’m mad at the world, I ca be your worst nightmare, but when I’m HAPPY, I bake the shit out of stuff!!!! Get your Betty on!

Scarves. You like shoes, I like pieces of fabric that go around your neck and get caught in car doors (or does this only happen to me?!) I have a scarf I think for every outfit in the winter. Winter. Because you wearing a scarf in the summer is fucking dumb as shit. How do you not melt?!

Victoria’s Secret undies. It use to be (a long time ago before I understood the concept of paying credit cards off) in my 20s that if I had a bad day, a trip to buy some pretty frilly undies when be the cure all to a crappy day!!! Now, with a mortgage, car notes, a daughter, a baby on the way, three dogs, and buying real food, I have to wait to indulge this little guilty pleasure until the semi annual sale rolls around.
Side note: with by belly looking like a beach ball and my ass cheeks all but disappearing during this pregnancy, it will be June before I purchase anything that doesn’t extend from under my belly button and fully encloses all parts of the nether regions.

Pinterest. I have surpassed the 13,500 pins. Yes, I work. Yes, I have a life. But this is a real addiction. And I am very proud of that number!!!

Animals.. I love animals. Especially doggies!!! My idea of heaven is going to where ever the dogs go. I love to play with them, cuddle with them. Spend time with them. Talk to them. They make me happy with their wagging tails and happy to see you kisses. And if you don’t like dogs, or care about the safety of animals, we can’t be friends. And chances are you probably genuinely suck as a human being anyway!

Giving back. I genuinely enjoy making a difference. It not only makes those you affect happy but it also makes you feel happy. Donating, volunteering, advocating. No matter how big or small, every little bit counts!!!


Getting Ready for Baby Maverick.

I can’t remember if I’ve even shared the news that our beautiful family is getting a new addition. The Brett family is expecting baby Maverick’s arrival in February.
Hails wasn’t exactly tickled pink but she’s much happier now and it’s so very sweet to hear her talk to my tummy. Nick is beyond excited that we are expecting a boy. Of course, I guess what football coach wouldn’t be excited to get a little boy?! 😉
We are at the beginning of the 5th month and I wish I could say that we have everything half way done. We aren’t even a quarter of the way done. And that’s because we haven’t even started doing a single thing.
We bought the paint a month and a half ago and it’s sitting there collecting dust. This is not typically me. Unless I’m writing a paper for a class, procrastination is not something I normally do. I’ve purchased one outfit. I still haven’t even picked out baby bedding. With Hails I knew exactly what I wanted. Her nursery was yellow and it was done with Classic Winnie the Pooh. Maverick’s paint scheme is gray and maroon. It’s so hard to find things that match!!!
I guess we are just waiting on the end of football season to get here that way Nick can help. But with the mounting list of shit to do and time moving as fast as it has been, I’m beginning to get anxious. Beyond anxious. And I’m also beginning to get bigger which makes it hard for me to bend over or get up off the floor ha!

As we get things rolling I will post pictures of our “use to be” office space! Here’s to all you new mommies and your beautiful babies!!


What My 30’s Are Teaching Me…

Truth be told, I was dreading my thirties. I was dreading getting old and leaving my twenties behind. Granted I had some of the hardest times in life during my twenties. Though I had some great times, Iwas glad to see them go.
Thirty brought self confidence, humility, and compassion.
I started to take notice about the world around me and about other people rather than just focusing on myself. In a way I was a late bloomer when it came to becoming an activist. It was around my 30th birthday when all of my passions, my way of thinking, and personality started to merge together and transform into this completely different human being. And every month after, it’s like I’ve learned something new about myself or about other people that I did not know before.
I hear that 30 is the new 20. Honestly, I want my thirties to be just that: my thirties. I’m excited to see what the next few years will teach me and what kind of adventures my family will have together and see how I continue to grow from one year to the next. I’m excited to be bringing in a new human being with knowledge I didn’t have with my first.
Here’s a few things I’ve learned so far:
• I’ve become a party during the day kind of person. BBQ’s and get togethers are so much fun but hanging out at the bar at night is not my scene anymore.I enjoy not waking up with a hangover because I’ve stayed up drinking until 3:30. (Drinks on suspension until baby arrives)
• We all matter. Every person every where MATTERS!
• The most daunting realization I have had is that people make a choice every day to not care. About anything other than what involves them or their families. And that’s a fact of life I hate. Each of us has a responsibility to this planet and to one another by showing kindness and trying to help others. But nope. People just choose not to care at all. Sadly, one day they too will need someone to show them compassion and kindness. And I honestly don’t know if I could give it knowing the way they lived their life.
• You outgrow people. And that’s okay.
• Forgiveness is a vital part of healing and moving on. This applies to friends, exes, family members. Something’s are unforgivable yes. But many people hold grudges for so long that it wears their souls down. You don’t have to build a relationship. Or forget what they did to you. But forgiveness is a gift that you give yourself. And while you’re out there forgiving people they hurt you, it may be time that you ask for forgiveness from people you may have hurt.
• The little stuff that use to bother you really just doesn’t matter;)
Here’s to my thirties. Your thirties. Our thirties! Here’s to the awesomeness that awaits us in the years ahead!!!

Brett Expansion :)

If there is one thing I now really understand, it’s that every single time I say I am never going to….. The exact opposite happens. I said I was never living with a guy again, or getting married, or having another baby. The last one, I really thought I meant. I was never the mommy type. Never the when I grow up I’m going to have a house full of kids type. And after my beautiful Hails was born & after a very miserable pregnancy, all that did was reinforce the “I’m never”. But I think something happens to you in your 30’s. My biological clock started ticking so loud I could hear it in my sleep.
Hailey turned 9 so I was left agonizing how long I still had to do all the fun little kid stuff like Santa, Halloween costumes, and such. Was I really ready to just have all those things stop abruptly?!

Nick and I had started discussing the possibility. I still made a mental pros and cons list. The biggest being the financial strain it would be on the family. Make no mistake. Having a baby is costly. And this is no return on investment deal. If I tallied up just the basics including child care & the cost of having the baby, it totaled to well over $21,000. THE FIRST YEAR! Am I scaring you yet?! That number right up front for so many people is down right terrifying. I know I almost puked when I was finished. Regardless of that number. And the fact that sleep will be stripped away for God knows how long, we decided that trying after my sister’s bachelorette weekend would be best.

Fast forward a month later. My sister was pregnant and didn’t know it. I was also already pregnant and did not know it. Alex and I are exactly 4 weeks apart. How does that happen?! Our families could not be more excited. I can’t begin to tell you how great it is that the cousins will be so close in age. It’s wonderful. Sadly, even though I spent my days being pregnant the first time telling Alex how miserable it was, nothing could really prepare her. She has been in agony :(. I have not been at my best either. Little baby Brett feels like he/She are sucking the life out of me. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement. And the nausea has not been far behind but thank God it’s been manageable.
As of this week I am 12 weeks in! Almost at the end of the first Trimester! Whoop whoop!

With that I will end this with a look at Baby Brett:)


2014. The Making It Happen Year!

Sigh. I cannot believe that 2013 is over. I spent the last couple days reading people’s year end posts on my Facebook feed and saw many people giving thanks it was finally over. I know for some it’s been incredibly tough and sad. However, I can’t help but think of each passing year as a chapter that allowed more growth, more lessons learned, and time for change.
For myself and my family, we have seen a wedding, lost friends, ended friendships, added new responsibilities, and with each happy or sorrowful moment , I cannot help but give thanks to God for the experiences.
Life is never promised and it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. I for one plan on making more things happen. Not resolutions. But goals that I intend to keep. Here’s a few things I plan on doing in 2014! Would love to know what y’all have planned as well :)!
• de clutter my life. At work, at home! Already started and so far so good!
• Stop wasting precious time fighting with stupid things, like the fitted sheet that won’t go on that damn bed, or fighting with Hails because she’s dressed herself like Punky Brewster or Rainbow Bright. Pick and choose your battles. The fucking can opener is not worth 10 minutes of your day.
• More Me Time. I cannot be my best self if I haven’t given myself the same amount of love and attention that I give my family and the rest of the world. 30 minutes of everyday I will lock myself in my bathroom and pamper, meditate, or give an awesome pep talk to myself while looking at the mirror.
• Do something new every month. Whether it’s try a new place to eat, a new Diy project, a new city, keep life the adventure it was meant to be.
• Get more involved within my community.
• Ask for help. There’s no shame in asking for help. Being to prideful however and failing at the tasks that you’ve been assigned too is a totally different thing.
I will let y’all know how well I do on these tasks I have presented myself with. Hopefully I do well! The key is to be optimistic and keep an open mind. Especially on the try something new goal.
May your families and yourself have a very blessed and Happy New Year !!!!
Picture below fr Pinterest 😉