In Loving You…..

I’m sitting here on the sofa developing a leg cramp and fighting contractions but don’t want to move because a big bulky head is sound asleep on my lap.
You’re oblivious to the fact that I’m uncomfortable. Which is okay. Because truthfully, I would rather have you right where you are than not.

You’re my dogs. The heartbeats outside of my body. The happiness that’s attached to three wet noses, three wagging tails, and twelve legs.
You’re my bed companions when dad goes out of town.
My shadows when I go to the bathroom. The weirdos who are obsessed with poking your heads through the shower curtain and stare at me.

You’re our rescues. Our decisions to take you home and make you family rather than let a shelter decide your fate. You’re my little dog that is full of big dog personality who thinks that because you have two big dog body guards, an ass whooping from another dog can be avoidable.
The little dog who when I first took you to the vet after keeping you, had to be treated for heart worms. But couldn’t be kept over night because the vet said “his separation anxiety from you would kill him during treatment”.
You’re my little dog who after countless weekends of drunken nights, you’d lay next to me on the bathroom floor while I prayed to the porcelain God, swearing off all and any alcoholic beverages. Loving, unwavering, and the biggest cry baby dog I have ever had. Earning you the name “Bitch dog” by my dad.

You’re the first “pit bull” that came into my life. You were supposed to be Nick’s dog but that quickly changed after I began spoiling you.
Your beautiful gray fur, your gray eyes, and that tail that looked as if it would come right off you when it wagged. Your beautiful Stella smile. If there was ever a doggie soulmate, you are mine. We went to puppy school. Took car rides, snuggled in bed with our little dog, shared milk shakes.
In loving you meant I lost 3 belts, countless shoes, and anything that was left within reaching distance of that mouth earning you the name, our Gray Destroyer.

Taking you in meant dealing with negative comments from people who were either just plain ignorant about your breed or others who are just down right dicks.
If I had a dollar for every conversation I’ve had defending you, your breed, and your honor, I think I’d be pretty well off by now.
You are my overweight mixed with hippo pit bull.
In loving you I became an advocate for bully breeds. I connected with people who not only love and have other bullies, but who also understand the bond that exist between a true “pit bull” parent and their fur child.

You’re the pit mix whose face was looking at me through an email at work attached with all your faults. The email that stated:
He’s a great dog, who chews up underground sprinklers, tears up the neighbors fishing gear, can’t be kept in a kennel because he hurts himself, has trust issues, won’t stay in an electric fence issues.
Has been abused, we tried to keep him but we can’t anymore, someone please take him before he goes to the shelter.
I just saw a new best friend. I read all the bad but knew in my heart that you belonged to us. So I sent an email to Nick in hopes he would agree. And he did.
So on the weekend of Mother’s Day, we picked you up and brought you to meet Stella and Deuce.

In loving you, we had chewed up carpet. Not a little. But a lot. We now have new floors. In loving you, we lost a sofa. We have holes the size of small meteor craters under our 6 ft privacy fence because you HAVE to go play with the lab next door. You drag more dirt inside and I am constantly sweeping up small sand dunes. You’re an Asshole. But all the “behavior” problems have been solved. There is no food aggression with other dogs. You can sleep in a kennel now thanks to Stella teaching you that it’s okay. You LOVE TO GO BYE BYE! Where riding in a car gave you extreme anxiety, you now stick your head out the window and let that gigantic tongue hand out.
You’re personality is only equal to that of a circus clown. You have no idea that you weigh as much as you do. You want in our lap and damn it you’re going to get there. Since I became pregnant you have had an obsession with my tummy. You nuzzle it, you lay on it, you kiss it sometimes. And the bigger it’s gotten the more you Hoss, our second pit, have grown to love the baby inside. Protective. Nurturing. Cuddling. But still an asshole who likes to dig.
In loving you I have found a passion that I had no idea existed in me. In loving you I became an outspoken advocate against animal cruelty, against breed specific legislation, and against those who wish to portray bully breeds in a negative, ignorant way.
In loving you, I have found a part of myself and my soul that I never knew existed.









Find Pit Bulls R Us on Facebook!

For those of you that just started following me, I’m an animal lover. In A HUGE way. I have a “grown up” job but my passion is helping animals and fighting against cruelty. I am also a pit bull or bully breed advocate. Our family has three dogs. Two which are sweet pit bulls. I’m also an admin on an amazing Facebook page called Pit Bulls R Us. It’s such an amazing page.
We try to educate the general public about our dogs, misconceptions, and try our best to break down stereotypes.
Positive posts, positive stories really help our cause. The page’s founder is Savannah and she’s one of the best folks I know.
We also welcome posts from others and pictures of families and their pittie babies.
It’s an anti dog fighting page, you can post the sale of puppies on this page, it’s only feel good, do good!
So if your a bully parent, stop on by and like our page! Just look for the Pit Bulls R Us and click LIKE!
Fighting ignorance and BSL one like at a time;).


June Birthdays and Family Fun in the Sun Day 18.

On my side of the family, no one else had a June birthday. Just sweet, cute, little ole me. Now that Nick and I are together I share June with my mother in law (Mrs. Wanda), my sister in law (Leslie), and my brother in law (Trey). And what better way is there to celebrate birthdays than have them all together at once!! We traveled from the Coast to Starkville yesterday morning to spend quality birthday time with the Brett’s and Ward’s. Mrs. Wanda bought a slip n slide for Hails to use and use it she has. It wasn’t even 9 am this morning and she was already in the water. And yesterday, Stella Gray and Hoss (our two pits) decided that the slip n slide was pretty awesome and they needed to check it out as well. Deuce isn’t real fond of the water so our furry little dog stayed safe on the deck. Mr. Bracky put catfish on the grill, along with hot dogs for those who enjoy meat (I don’t eat meat).
I’m a little ashamed to say I indulged in pie (as in ate it all freaking weekend) lemonade pie, strawberry pie and peach pie. To say that they were delicious would not do them any justice. They were freaking unbelievable!
That just means I will have to go a little extra on the treadmill this week I guess lol.

Summer has officially (according to the calendar) started as of yesterday. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer is going to bring!
Hope all of you have a blessed Sunday Funday!!! Xoxo


Do Good Feel Good Day 17

We have been so busy at work trying to prepare for our adoption event. My supervisor (Jill) got approval to let us partner up with our local Humane Society to host an adoption event at our office. I made flyers, handed them out to so many of our members, went to our local Pet Smart, Starbucks, posted the event on Facebook and twitter.
South Mississippi Humane society brought over 5 dogs. All absolutely adorable in their own way. Out of the five, two were adopted. Which is great. But my goal was really to try and get all five adopted. These are the things I live for. I’m happiest when I feel like I’m helping make a difference. Even if I feel disappointment, I still feel like I still touched a life. And that makes every day worth while. Better yet, I’m a parent who is teaching the next generation of leaders what it is to be compassionate and am able to pass on my beliefs that every life no matter how big or small, or person regardless of social class, is important.
My hope is that by reading my blog, some of you will take a different stand on issues that you didn’t realize meant something. I hope that some of you learn to help another and realize that there’s something truly rewarding about being part of something bigger than your every day life and actually being a part of bringing upon change.


Putting an End to Dogfighting.


I don’t know what it is that has individuals thinking that using animals in brutal, cruel malicious ways to entertain themselves is an acceptable thing. I don’t quiet understand why people with political power such as Congressman Steve King of Iowa argue against laws that make being a spectator at a dogfighting event, a felony. The human race is the cruelest by far of all the species in the world. We regard ourselves as the most intelligent and as a race capable of a higher level of compassion. Yet every SINGLE DAY some scum of the earth people decide to get their kicks by pinning one dog against another to the death in most cases. Make no mistake, I am against all types of animal cruelty. I just choose to fight this fight the hardest. As a bully breed parent, I know first hand the affection, love, and loyalty that these beautiful animals are capable of and nothing infuriates me more than when I see the images of bloody, battered, mangled bodies of these babies. For those who are unfamiliar with the horrors that these dogs face, allow me to enlighten you. These dogs were not born to WANT to fight. They are MADE AND FORCED to do so by the people who they had the unfortunate fate of being given too. They go through extensive training, injected with steroids, are kept on chains so heavy, even a person would struggle with. They are fought until they collapse from exhaustion or the dog succeeds in killing them. For the ones that do not meet their end in the ring, they are often subjected to more torture. Some are set on fire while still alive. One of NFL’s Quarter back Michael Vick’s was repeatedly slammed against the concrete after losing a fight until he died. Some are thrown away like trash in dumpsters, on the side of the road, left to suffer in agony, and die alone. If that’s not enough to make you sick, these dogs are made to acquire a taste for blood and fight much smaller dogs who have no chance of winning to build up the champions confidence. Bait dogs are often puppies, pets that were stolen from their own back yard, weaker siblings from litters. Bait dogs often have their teeth pulled or filed down, most are so submissive that they don’t even want to fight, and the humans behind them sometimes shock them, or set them on fire to make them go into a frenzy and attack. Due to media exposure and the negative aspects brought on by dogfighting, our precious bully babies are now subject to discrimination. Responsible dog owners are forced in many parts of the country that have Breed Specific Legislation, to give up their dogs only to have them killed. Mississippi recently had a huge dogfighting bust in Hinds county where every dog including 12 week old puppies were euthanized per Mississippi Animal Rescue League and the Hinds county Sheriffs department. Calls, petitions, out of state organizations tried desperately to help and see if these dogs could be rehabilitated and not a one was given a second chance to know love. Dogfighting is often accompanied by several other illegal activities such as drug and illegal weapon exchange. I am trying to lend a hand in stopping this kind of barbaric act. These dogs should not be a source of money or entertainment for worthless people. These dogs deserve better. They deserve love. Dogs who have experienced these horrors deserve a second chance at life. Not be given a death sentence because people made them do what they’ve done. The dogs are not monsters. The people behind the dogs are the real monster. If you would like more information on dogfighting and what you can do to stop it, please visit
Help stop it. If you know it’s going on, report it. Be brave for them. It is our responsibility to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. And always remember, if you are not part of the solution, you are most definitely a part of the problem….

Hoss Iron Hide Brett IV

It’s Hoss’s week number three at the Brett house and I think that our new addition is settling in nicely. Here he is resting his big head atop poor Stella Gray. She has been so good to her new brother. And so has Deuce the smallest of the bunch. Contrary to what we were told, Hoss never tried to fight anyone for food. He only picked a fight once, and that was extinguished as quickly as it started. He now knows to come in the morning sit in the kitchen and wait semi patiently for a treat. He also knows that everyone sits by the back door, waits for their name to be called, and “come” as the word to come out side. As with Stella Gray, this pittie baby is just as needy if not more so. As I type this, his head is in my lap. You think your two year old toddler is demanding?! Try having a love deprived pit bull who wants nothing to do but cuddle, kiss, and smother you to death. People have such an ugly misconception of these kinds of dogs. Pit bulls/ Staffordshire terriers are labeled because of the terrible things that humanity has brought out in them. They are judged solely on appearance rather than by their personalities. I’ve grown up with many dogs and I just adore the pitties and staffies. I think Nick and I will always rescue them. Always try to share our positive experiences with them. I’m more the advocator than my husband, but I know that Stella Gray has impacted him more than he thought imaginable and he will always tell people of our awesome blue nose pit. Now that Hoss is here, Stella has someone new to play with, Hails finally has “her” dog, Nick has another boy in the house, and I have another baby to nurture and spoil.