New Hair! Whoop whoop!

Yes! I just whoop whooped and no I’m not ashamed at all. Actually should you find me out in public with or without an adult beverage in my hand undoubtedly you will still hear a (very) high pitched WHOOP WHOOP! It’s a stable of my personality. And it has become part of Hails personality as well! Annnnnnyyyyy who, I needed a change in my life so yours truly opted for a new hair style!
So here is your before & after pic!



To shop or not to shop.

As is the way of most women, I like to shop. It’s a form of therapy for myself. However, I hate to pay full price for things. I have extreme buyers remorse and have been known to return something a couple days later if I feel I spent too much on it.
Other than food (because I really don’t have a choice) I will not compromise on bargain shopping.
I vividly remember getting into arguments with my parents about why they wouldn’t buy those awesome Calvin Klein jeans. The whole they cost too much just never made sense to me, until I had to start buying things for myself. Now? The most expensive jeans you will find in my closet are American Eagle jeans and I only buy them when their jeans are on sale.
I try to spend even less on Hails clothes. Only because she’s 8 and grows like a weed!!! This store Justice at our local mall is geared specifically towards little girls. We walk in, I grab a jumper set that says $34.99 for the top and $34.99 for the bottoms, I set it up on the rack and we walk right out. If I am not going to spend that on something for myself that I can continue to wear through out, why would I spend it on something my daughter will only fit in for one season.
My favorite places to shop for her, crazy 8, children’s place, and Target. I LOVE TARGET! I buy things for myself from there too.

So where oh where do I get cute clothes, shoes, and handbags from and pay a reasonable price?! Where else but TJ Maxx and Ross Dress for Less!!! They always have SOMETHING for everyone.
Just look at the new hand bag I bought myself with birthday money :)!!!!