New Hair! Whoop whoop!

Yes! I just whoop whooped and no I’m not ashamed at all. Actually should you find me out in public with or without an adult beverage in my hand undoubtedly you will still hear a (very) high pitched WHOOP WHOOP! It’s a stable of my personality. And it has become part of Hails personality as well! Annnnnnyyyyy who, I needed a change in my life so yours truly opted for a new hair style!
So here is your before & after pic!



June Birthdays and Family Fun in the Sun Day 18.

On my side of the family, no one else had a June birthday. Just sweet, cute, little ole me. Now that Nick and I are together I share June with my mother in law (Mrs. Wanda), my sister in law (Leslie), and my brother in law (Trey). And what better way is there to celebrate birthdays than have them all together at once!! We traveled from the Coast to Starkville yesterday morning to spend quality birthday time with the Brett’s and Ward’s. Mrs. Wanda bought a slip n slide for Hails to use and use it she has. It wasn’t even 9 am this morning and she was already in the water. And yesterday, Stella Gray and Hoss (our two pits) decided that the slip n slide was pretty awesome and they needed to check it out as well. Deuce isn’t real fond of the water so our furry little dog stayed safe on the deck. Mr. Bracky put catfish on the grill, along with hot dogs for those who enjoy meat (I don’t eat meat).
I’m a little ashamed to say I indulged in pie (as in ate it all freaking weekend) lemonade pie, strawberry pie and peach pie. To say that they were delicious would not do them any justice. They were freaking unbelievable!
That just means I will have to go a little extra on the treadmill this week I guess lol.

Summer has officially (according to the calendar) started as of yesterday. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer is going to bring!
Hope all of you have a blessed Sunday Funday!!! Xoxo


Do Good Feel Good Day 17

We have been so busy at work trying to prepare for our adoption event. My supervisor (Jill) got approval to let us partner up with our local Humane Society to host an adoption event at our office. I made flyers, handed them out to so many of our members, went to our local Pet Smart, Starbucks, posted the event on Facebook and twitter.
South Mississippi Humane society brought over 5 dogs. All absolutely adorable in their own way. Out of the five, two were adopted. Which is great. But my goal was really to try and get all five adopted. These are the things I live for. I’m happiest when I feel like I’m helping make a difference. Even if I feel disappointment, I still feel like I still touched a life. And that makes every day worth while. Better yet, I’m a parent who is teaching the next generation of leaders what it is to be compassionate and am able to pass on my beliefs that every life no matter how big or small, or person regardless of social class, is important.
My hope is that by reading my blog, some of you will take a different stand on issues that you didn’t realize meant something. I hope that some of you learn to help another and realize that there’s something truly rewarding about being part of something bigger than your every day life and actually being a part of bringing upon change.


Day 15 of awesomeness

As usual, the ideas I have turn out to be. Fabulous! Great friends turned out, we grilled burgers (I had a veggie burger) and a friend made shrimp ka bobs to go on the grill. The kids went from the slide to the kiddie pool to the dog’s pool back to the slide all afternoon. The grown ups had just as much fun as the kids did! My legs are sore and my hails is wore slap out! Our “One Time Bar” (bar in the garage) complete with a keg orator hosted an awesome 31 birthday.


Day 14 of Awesomeness

So it’s my birthday! As Nick said, I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday. That sounds so much cooler than what my birthdays actually mean (you’re old as hell lol). I love that my birthday is in the summer and I always get to spend it doing water related activities. This year, my inner early twenties mindset has come up with having a big ass slip n slide party in our back yard. Adults and children alike will be attending and waivers will be signed in case anyone should hurt themselves while acting like a kid lol! Tomorrow shall be filled with key lime martinis, bikinis, sunshine, laughter, bubbles, and maybe a few bruises. I’m super excited to share it with my beautiful family and friends!!!


Day 13.


I’ve always felt an immense sense of pride for myself, my family, and my heritage. I’m just as American and patriotic as anyone born in the United States. Or born a 100% American or whatever. But I am 3/4 Spanish and it is something I am so proud of and in love with. The majority of my family lives in Spain. I haven’t seen them in awhile, but my grandparents did come to our wedding. I’m in fluent in Spanish, so obviously I took Spanish all throughout high school and college. Can we say EASY A!!! Unfortunately, I have failed miserably when it come to teaching my blonde haired blue eyed baby girl my native language:(. When she was a baby, I sung all of her lullabies in Spanish. But teaching her to hold conversations, well that just didnt happen. So now I’m married and introducing my husband to this part of my life. He’s been so into trying to learn. He even has an English to Spanish dictionary to help him out. I’d love to be able to introduce both my daughter and Nick to the wonderful culture Spain has to offer. Get Nick to try some Spanish beer and have Hailey taste what a real European pastry taste like. Hopefully soon. Very soon.

Day 12 of Awesomeness:

Music… I’ve never played an instrument, I can’t read music. And I may not sound good when I sing, but that doesn’t stop me from singing EVERY WHERE! At home, in my car, in a restaurant, if I know the lyrics, I’m jamming out. Music is one of those things that no matter where you come from, your background, your ethnicity, it can move and unite everyone. All of us can FEEL music. It can inspire us, heal us, make us sweat out harder. Music can help us sort through our feelings and put words to what’s going on inside. I have a track for every major moment in my life. I have an awesome soundtrack to my life. Occasionally I replace a song in my playlist with something better. I try to expand my horizon especially with music. I mean the top 20 is great and all, but hearing a song by someone new and just LOVING it, has a profound affect on me. My absolute fav new artist? My Hails. I’ve never heard an 8 year old with such a soulful voice. It reminds me of old music. Hails can sing her little heart out. One of my absolute favorite routines is singing in the car with her on my way to drop her off at school. That makes my morning awesome. It adds awesomeness into my life 😉