Fall DIY

This summer has been such a drag with all the bloody rain on the coast. It literally rained every day so I sent a silent plea that September would be better and someone sure delivered!!! We’ve experienced lows of 58-60 at night and in the morning with highs of 80s with almost no humidity which means IT HAS BEEN AMAZING!!!!! I couldn’t have asked for prettier days. I just love the crispness of the cool air in the mornings with a cup of coffee. I opened up all the windows let the breeze fill the house and just smelled the air that was hinting of change in the air. I always get the itch to craft when fall comes and the urge doesn’t quite go away until after Christmas. Fall through New Year are my favorite times of the year. I feel as if I’m the most creative and I think it’s because it’s also when I’m at my most restless.

This past Monday I drug Nick to Hobby Lobby to buy a few things for a small diy craft project. He obliged knowing it was probably the within the best interest of our pocket book to tag along lol. I’m sure many of you can relate the urge to buy the entire isle of something at Hobby Lobby.

So $25.00 later, I had my fall leaves, some burlap, and some fall picks to do my front door with. I broke out my hot glue gun and my orange ribbon and started tying and gluing away. An hour and a half layer, I had fall welcoming our family home.

I’m hoping the cool weather and pretty days stick around.

Here’s to falling into the perfect season y’all,



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year y’all from very soggy and rainy Mississippi!!! I don’t know about the rest of you but I always look forward to new beginnings. Fresh starts. New chapters to be written! The last couple years have just been touch and go for our family.  With Nick’s 5th concussion and the birth of our Maverick, it feels like we went through a whirlwind of change and not all of it was for the better.  I think 2016 was hard for a lot of people.  It was definitely hard for our country.  I’m hoping that 2017 brings much needed comfort and peace to everyone. 

Rather than make New Years resolutions that really won’t be kept, how about we all just make one.  One to be kinder. It costs nothing to be kind. I’m not talking about trying to walk eggshells so you don’t offend someone. I’m talking just saying hi to a stranger. Or saying thank you when someone holds the door open for you. Believe it or not that’s not common place anymore.  The reason we see something “kind” being shared on social media, is because it’s simply not taking place as often as it should.  We have become increasingly more self absorbed and indifferent to everything going on around us. I’ve been just as guilty as any of you. But I want to change for the better. I want to change because my neighbors need it. Because my city needs it. Because you and everyone else in the world needs it.

It’s not going to cure anything over night.  It’s not going to fix all of the gigantic problems that we have facing us as a society. But it will bring a little more sunshine. And who doesn’t love that! 

From my humble little family in MS, we wish you the love of friends and family, good health and memories in 2017. God Bless y’all!


****Picture was found on Pinterest and is not my own****

Falling into the Perfect Season.

Fall has finally reached the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve literally had what felt like an endless summer.  Picking pumpkins and going on hayrides is just not the same in 90 degree weather let me tell you.  Our church put on a trunk or treat after service and the poor kids were sweating and and coming out of their costumes.  I was getting super cranky of not being able to wear my scarves and my boots.  But as with all good things, Fall decided to show up and now I can finally light up a fire in our fire pit, sip hot chocolate, and snuggle next to my babies or Nick under a cozy blanket.  

When I was younger and had time to worship the sun, I lived for summer. I lived in my bikini from the time the sun was up until I went to sleep.  I’m a summer baby so I blamed my love of the water and heat on that. However now that I’m older and I work more and I have two kids, I desperately wish that we just lived some place that each season is clearly defined. Like say the north east or Nebraska (Midwest) around that area.  And while I love Mississippi (it’s home) I itch for mountains and trees where it looks like the horizon is on fire, crisp mornings followed by crisp nights around the fire place.  I want to have a white Christmas.  I’m sure that if I lived somewhere that had snow for month after month, I’d tire of it quickly.  But I lived in New York for a couple years as a child and I cannot recall it being terrible. As a matte of fact, it took me a while to adjust to the fact that I would no longer have a white Christmas down here.  I’ve accepted it. But at 34, I still very much wish it to happen.  Just like every year when my calendar says it’s the first day of fall, I somehow get my hopes that I’ll see bright reds, oranges, yellows, covering the sky line, and having piles of leaves to jump in.  I keep hoping that Halloween night will be ended with a camp fire and some smores not melted off makeup and sweaty preteen smelling costumes. I keep waiting for Mississippi to “fall” into the Perfect Season.  Do y’all have a favorite season? Or a favorite tradition that is a MUST once fall hits your town? I’d love to know what it is!

Our hayride after church!

Pumpkin Patches and corn mazes! We visit a corn maze every year! It’s my favorite family tradition!

Goodbye 2014!!!

I’m sure I’m not the only person typing away thinking “Holy shit, the years over!” I literally feel like I just wrote the New Years post for the this year!!! Which I laughed at because the only thing that really “Happened” in 2014, was me getting knocked up. (High five Nick! Whoop Whoop)
I wrecked my car. No excuse me, totaled my car so I upgraded to a Camry. A true mom car. And I’ve accomplished none of the Diy projects I have on my pinterest board!!!
So I feel like a failure, kinda!
But really, this year has been one of blessings! My sister got married. And she is also expecting (in January) a sweet little girl. And my sister in law is also expecting. So our family just continues to grow and grow.

I hope and pray that 2015 is full of just as many blessings (other kind, not baby kind) I hope everyone is healthy and remembers that living and experiencing life is so much more than earning that pay check. It’s more than the new iPhone you stood in line for hours to purchase. It’s more than looking at your budget and asking how we are ever going to afford something.

This year has completely flown by and it had me reflecting on the things I haven’t accomplished, on the fact that my daughter is growing up so fast ( the kid asked for bras with padding and an iPhone, uh what?!) that i know I only have limited nights worth of snuggle time with her before she kicks me to the curb.
I realized my parents are older, my sister now has her own family, & our Culbertson family dynamic has changed. And though I’m happy that we have all cemented our relationships, I can’t help but get sad that it’s not just Alex, mom, dad, & myself. I find that we are still trying to plan family vacations together even though we are all in separate families. So don’t rush your days away. If you’re still in your teens living at home, treasure your days. Especially the holidays you are still spending with your Padres and siblings.

Hope you all have a very safe and Happy New Year!!
Please don’t drink and drive!









Halloween and Fall Fun!

I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had a chance to post anything other than pictures! I wish I could say that the weather was cooling down. But if you live in South Mississippi, you know that we pretty much have two seasons. Spicy Hot and mild.
Last weekend I spent my Saturday morning loading hay bales and corn stalks into the back of Nick’s pick up truck. Then setting them out in the backyard for the Halloween party I through my Hails. It was so hot. Dreadfully hot. The girls next door came over and Hails child hood friend Mason attended the party. It was sweltering hot.
The girls had dresses in wigs and make up (they were characters from the show Monster High) but between the heat and them running around, the costumes slowly came off.
Despite the heat and the sweat, the eyeball kool aid with hot dog mummies turned out to be a big hit and this moms first attempt to throw a Halloween party for her eight year old turned out to be a success!