Direct Sales. Real Talk.

So I told myself a very long time ago that I would not involve myself in direct sales.  I don’t have any desire to do a pyramid scheme. I don’t want to shell out money for products I have to push. 

I don’t like pushy. At all. I don’t like for people to show up at my house and try to push things on me.  And I don’t like to do it to other people.  With all that being said, I don’t even know why I was browsing online for DS companies, but I stumbled across Pink Papaya. 

I’m using it myself more than I’m selling it, but I genuinely love their company and their products.  They empower women. They’re cruelty free. And all their products are made in the USA! Right now I’m hooked on their body butters. They’re so rich and smell amazing. I use their foundation powder EVERY SINGLE DAY!  EVERY. Day. It’s lightweight but covers enough that I feel put together. So as of now, it’s my go to makeup product. Also their eyeshadows are long lasting so for any woman working a 12 hour day, that’s always a plus. 

Am I making money? The short answer? Yes.  Long answer? It’s not as much as I want and I put it on the back burner for the holidays so I made zero in November and December. Truthfully, direct sales income depends on the amount of work you want to put in.  It’s not going to run itself. You’re going to have to figure out how much time you want to dedicate to this new business venture.  Right now, I’m on Facebook nonstop trying to promote. I’m doing FB parties, leaving catalogs where ever I can. 

I give out samples when an appropriate opportunity arises. I also think because I genuinely like using their products, I really like to tell other people about them. Enjoying the products you sell makes a big difference. Is it making my dreams come true? Well, in a round about way, yea. Is it making me thousands?! Nope. Not even close. But I work 40 hours a week along with having to tend to my family, so I’m only giving a max of 5 hours a week to this. I’m squeezing time in between breaks at work, lunch, Maverick’s naps on the weekends, Hails baton night on Thursday. You get the picture. 

Direct Sales is absolutely what you make of it. It’s not easy so don’t ever let someone give you an easy sell! You have to want to make it successful. You’re going to have to work for it. Whether you’re curious, wanting it just as a hobby, or really want to earn a little extra, it is what you make it out to be! 



New Mom Beauty Routine.

So there’s a new baby in our home. Ha ha ha. New baby. Is a 7 month old still considered a new baby? Whether he is or not, I’m still struggling to get my shit together in the mornings. 

I’ve set my alarm to 5:30. Maverick has typically been sleeping until 6 am so I figured “half an hour should be enough.” Enough for makeup, packing Hails lunch, eating my breakfast, making his bottle, letting the dogs out, letting the dogs in, enough time to fix my hair. A cup of coffee. Stretch. 

I’m laughing as I just finished this paragraph because all of the above in 30 minutes is just ridiculous. I actually almost never really FIX my hair. 

So really my makeup routine consists of very basic elements. Concealer, powder/bronzer, mascara, eyeshadow, & I make it to brush in my eyebrows SOMETIMES.

My go to beauty products won’t break the bank & aren’t tested on animals. Which as a mom with a family on a budget & animal lover those are my MUST requirements.

Wet n Wild max volume mascara is AMAZING! Before I invested time into researching who tested on animals and didn’t, I was buying maybelline. They have no desire to stop stabbing cute bunnies in the eyes with mascara wands so fuck em. And I found this type. It coats, it thickens, it makes my eyelashes look fantastic for about $6.50. 

The bronzer is by Physicians Formula and I’m so in love. It’s light on my skin and gives me a subtle glow. Which is great because then I don’t look like a cast member off the Walking Dead. 

And since I’m putting on makeup, it better last me the better part of the day. I cannot say enough good things about Pink Papayas color collection. I use E.l.f concealer under my eyes and on my eyelid. It acts like a primer and when I apply my Pink Papaya eye shadow trust me when I tell you a little goes a long way. 

I miss the mornings that I could just shrug my shoulders at the lack of effort I dished out. Those were the days I could sleep for 12 hours and I woke up looking natural and blissfully pretty. Now with the stress of projects at home and at work, football season in full swing, homework until almost 9 every night, and a baby, sleeping for 8 hours is a luxury. Father Time doesn’t help either. My skin doesn’t look anything like it did in my early twenties! Damn it!!

Here’s to all you new mommies trying to look pretty while dragging ass. 👍🏻


New Beauty Stash!!!

I know I haven’t posted in awhile and for that I’m sorry! Life is hectic sometimes and other days I’m just exhausted that as soon as my head hits something soft, I’m out, regardless of whether or not I have something to blog about.
But I did want to share a couple beauty buys with y’all! In effort to maintain my commitment to using cruelty free beauty products, I’ve been doing some research on the best anti-aging products. Truthfully, Olay has always been my product of choice since I was 19. However, after researching them and finding out that they are not trying to even become animal friendly, I’ve decided that it’s time for us to part ways.
I’ve read a lot about Philosophy and decided to try their starter kit. At $35.00 for face wash, serum, and moisturizer I think it’s a fairly inexpensive buy. I tried it last night for the first time and so far I like it. The face wash smells great, the serum isn’t heavy, and the moisturizer isn’t very greasy and dries quickly.
The second purchase I made was NYX new Dusk til Dawn collection. It rivals that of Urban Decay’s Naked Pallet and it’s only $14.99. The colors are awesome and I think at 15 bucks it’s a steal!
I’m hoping to post an update about the results of the starter kit in about 2 weeks. It’s my goal when posting these blogs, to inspire women to at least try going cruelty free. I’m not saying throw your products away (who wants to throw money away?!) but rather when your fav face primer runs out, try out a cruelty free brand and see How you like it. For me, the choice helps put my conscious at ease so I feel just as pretty on the inside as I am on the outside!!
Hope you darlings have an awesome week!



A Mother’s Influence.

Most women don’t give a second thought to looking into the mirror and start picking themselves apart verbally. Standing in front of the mirror, trying to squeeze into a pair jeans. Huffing as you say “I really need to lose some weight” or I’m too fat to fit in these. All the while your six or seven your old daughter is sitting on the bed holding a doll, watching you. Hearing every word you say about yourself and your body.

We live in a society where every
magazine, tv show, news program, tells us what we should look like. And I don’t believe it’s directed at just girls and women. I think it’s directed as men as well. Personally I find a curvy woman more attractive than say a skinny model. But I compare my body to the skinny model versus the curvier one. I constantly find that I’m asking myself why I only see myself as pretty when I’m thin. Mind you I’m a size 3, But I can tell you exactly where the 5 extra pounds I put on are.
It’s horrible that I’m obsessed with keeping my rear fitting in the same jeans as five years ago. Or is it? I eat healthy for the most part. No fast food, no junk food except for special occasions and I exercise regularly. And I try to encourage my family to do the same.
There’s a difference in being skinny and being healthy. I think that we all as a whole need to grasp this, for the sake of our children. Especially our daughters. If we continuously pick ourselves apart in front our girls, what do you think is going to be absorbed into their little brains? I’m only pretty if I’m a size 0. I’m only pretty if I have big boobs. I’m only blah blah. The list goes on. It’s time to break the cycle. It’s time that mothers encourage their daughters to live a HEALTHY life and to have HIGH self-esteem and RESPECT for their bodies.
It’s time that we explained to our daughters and our female peers that a size 0 doesn’t constitute beauty. And a size 16 doesn’t constitute ugly and fat.
But we can’t teach our children to have a positive body image if we don’t start believing it ourselves.
So everyday tell yourself something you love about your body rather than looking at the things you hate.
It’s time to love yourself. And your body. For you and for your daughters.


New Hair! Whoop whoop!

Yes! I just whoop whooped and no I’m not ashamed at all. Actually should you find me out in public with or without an adult beverage in my hand undoubtedly you will still hear a (very) high pitched WHOOP WHOOP! It’s a stable of my personality. And it has become part of Hails personality as well! Annnnnnyyyyy who, I needed a change in my life so yours truly opted for a new hair style!
So here is your before & after pic!


Cruelty Free Beauty at Bargain Prices

There’s literally a Walgreens on every corner it seems like. Yes, Walgreens is over priced and you can ALWAYS find it cheaper at Wal-Mart I’m sure. However, my sanity is worth more to me than saving a buck fifty on a bottle of lotion.
Now that doesn’t mean that I willingly pay more for items. Especially now, since I’m a newly wed and its no longer my budget but OUR budget and we have set a spread sheet up and everything. I won’t pay full price for most things.
But Walgreens has a perks reward card. That actually pays off!
This past week I finally ran out of face wash and I was hell bent on finding a cruelty free face wash that didn’t cost $20.00. And Walgreens had just the thing. Along with a couple other products.

Bert’s Bees face cream wash. Smells amazing, leaves my skin fresh feeling, and doesn’t dry it out.

St. Ives apricot scrub. I’ve been using this since my early twenties. I love it! Now use too, you could find no animal testing on the bottle. However, unilever bought them and is now their parent company. They still don’t test on animals but since some products that are under unilever do, they can’t put it on the bottle.

Tresseme dry shampoo for oily hair! Yaaaayyy I love this stuff! Smells great. Perfect for the days I dragged my butt out of bed way too late!

Those items were all on sale!
The other items in my pic were bought at Walmart. All cruelty free as well and have summery beach scents. I love the smell of coconuts!

My hope in posting things like this is that I introduce y’all to new products that are wonderful, inexpensive and cruelty free. As a mom and a wife, I know how important budgets can be.
You can still be the prettiest version of yourself even on a budget.
Hope y’all have an amazing day!!
Xoxo Ana


Sweet Summer Scents..

Most women have a signature scent. Living on the Coast, I’ve come to love anything that reminds me of the beach. In the winter I wear something stronger and flirty. In the summer I prefer fruity and sexy. My absolute favorite is Exotic Coconut from Bath and Body Works. It has the beachy smell, sweet, fruity, and sexy all rolled into one amazing scent. It’s been a staple beauty product of mine for as long as I can remember. Guys love it and girls always ask me what I’m wearing. As with most of the products I use, this is cruelty free as well. They have a new scent I’ve been dying to find out. Will definitely be sure to share my new summer scent as soon as I buy it. Have a great night guys XoXo.