Home Reno…

While the rest of the world got all dressed up and took beautiful family pictures on Easter, my family was tearing up and clearing out carpet. Now we did get up early so we could make it to the sunrise service at our church and we ate a wonderful breakfast with the congregation. Couldn’t forget to give thanks to God and rejoice in Jesus coming back whilst we were pulling carpet and pulling back muscles in the process. We’ve done the living room floors once, but thanks to the three stooges (that would be Deuce, Stella, and Hoss) and some lovely bodily fluids, it had to be replaced. So here we are 4 years later having wood tile put down. We did the removing and we are having professionals come in this time to make it look good. Because let’s face it, even though I love a good diy as much as the next person, I officially don’t have time for that shit. And my husband has the knees of an 80 year old man (thanks to football) so yea, that was a strong nope. Any who, we found this great tile at Lowes. Y’all, $.99 a sq ft!!! It’s gorgeous and pretty damn close to what I wanted so we jumped on it. The carpet that we ripped up had been the original carpet from when our home was first built. In 2007. It had 3 different families with children and pets. The carpet was beyond saving, beyond cleaning, beyond anything but burning it while wearing a hazmat suit. It was so freakin gross. I think moldy bread probably looks better. Hails and I did the floors in the living room in about an hour and half. Maverick’s room took probably a couple since we had to move furniture and what not. Those were both easy. Now let’s talk about Hails room. I don’t know if there’s some sacred ritual that’s involved when becoming a teen that says your room has to smell and be as disgusting as possible but I feel like most parents experience this in their life. I don’t even know where to begin. Between candy wrappers, crusty sweaty socks, random unidentifiable objects, her room was in worse shape than Bikini island after having an atomic bomb go off. And finally after a week of living on one side of our house (garage became the official living room), our floors are done. I’m completely in love with this wood tile. And we got it at a mere $.99 a sq ft! I know! We couldn’t believe it either!!


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