Summer Time Sadness

I cannot believe that summer vacation is over. My husband and the rest of the Biloxi staff went back last Friday. My daughter started Tuesday. I don't know when the days started going by so fast but it's slightly overwhelming. I wish I could say that we lived a summer full of adventure but it was anything but!!! I decided to take two summer classes which pretty much occupied every moment that wasn't already occupied by work or kids. Oh, and it rained. Like every single freakin day. I swear to you I thought about building an ark because it's that serious. I'm expecting glittering vampires to take over any day now.
Anyway, so with the start of school comes the start of football 🏈 season and the start of all other extracurricular activities that involve me being a chauffeur. I'm so excited about it let me tell you. Work, busing the kids around, and Friday nights on the bleachers eating cheese nachos and chasing my toddler up and down. If anything I get my exercise in between each nacho I eat! I really do enjoy the family grind but there's something wonderful about just being able to relax and breath. Just the thought of not having anywhere to be or have a specific schedule dictated brings me bliss. I have yet to be one of those parents who just "can't wait for school to start" because their kids drive them nuts. I don't see it. Our summers are relaxed. Sure the kids get a bit restless but bed times are extended. They get to play outside longer. You get to actually spend more time with your kids!!! How is that a down side?

Either way, summer is easing its way out. I wish all of you parents and your kids the best school year.
Side note: I think I ate way too many nachos I had a horrendous stomach ache after the game 🤣