My 2015 Year End Rant! 

Another glorious (cough cough) year is finally coming to an end and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  While 2015 has brought our family the greatest of blessings ( sweet baby Maverick) it’s left me exhausted. And I mean it in every possible way. I’m so tired of so much hurt and pain that’s occurring everywhere.  I’m very tired of how overly sensitive this nation has become. I’m so tired of so many things that I’m going to dedicate this entire post to bitching about it all!!  


I’m not politically correct. I file that under STUFF I COULDN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT. So before you read this, you might offended. But I don’t care. These are my thoughts and opinions. You don’t have to read them, agree with them, or like them. 

  • Trump for President.   Okay, I know a lot of you out there REALLY THINK that he’d make an awesome president but he’d be shit as president!!!!  First, he’s a bigot. An openly, unapologetic bigot.  You cannot expect to talk shit about another country, race, ethinicty and then want to talk about a peace treaty with them.  I’m not saying play nice all the time. Sometimes it’s passed time to kick some ass.  But pissing off people all over the world is not going to get folks to back us. He wants to run the country like a business. It’s not a business. It’s a nation and he could very well run it into the ground.  He’s a womanizer. He’s dodged the draft. You want a man who refused to fight for your country to lead the nation?! Um, okay. Yea that sounds legit. He doesn’t know the first thing about being commander and chief.  Get your head out of your ass America, he’s not the right man for the job. 
  • The Pussification of a Nation.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I hate hearing or reading about the ways that someone has been offended. People, life is not fair. I shouldn’t have to pretend to not want to hurt your feelings. Truthfully, I give two shits about your feelings. I have a CHRISTMAS TREE in my house. You don’t?! Well great for you. Guess what, I don’t care. It doesn’t offend me or bother me in any shape, way, or form.  You shouldn’t be offended that I don’t refer to mine as a holiday tree. Teachers shouldn’t mark the paper with red because it’s harsh. Harsh?? Um, an F is a F regardless if it’s in red ink or if you make it look like Rainbow Bright puked all over the fucking paper. Also, giving every child a ribbon or trophy is stupid. The corporate world doesn’t give a shit that you tried your best. You don’t get drafted to NFL because you’ve got heart and you’re a “winner!” You get drafted because your good! You keep your job because you do well! Life doesn’t hand out stickers for just showing up! Stop making your children think it should!  Don’t like something on Facebook (that’s not harming a child, animal, etc) scroll past it. Get over it.  Suck shit up people seriously! Your whining over dumb shit is hard to swallow and makes me want to punch you in the throat!!!
  • The fight for your right to breastfeed in public. Dude, I applaud you and the billion other women on the planet that want to breast feed their baby.  I have two children. I pumped for 6 months with my first and only for 2 with Baby Maverick because I made a very selfish decision (sarcasm) to not be a dairy cow to my child. I know. I hear you already! OMG how could you?! You’re taking something beautiful and making it seem blah blah blah. Guess what. They’re my titties. My kid. With that being said, I don’t think you should be made to feed your baby in the bathroom. What I do find annoying though is every 5 fucking seconds there’s a blog entry, article, or Instagram about it. Whatever happened to this being a very special and important moment being PERSONAL?! Why suddenly is everyone having to confess their need to breastfeed.   I don’t care if you breastfeed your baby at a restaurant. However, you need to realize that even though we shouldn’t have to worry about other people snapping pictures of your boobage, the sad reality is that it does happen. It’s a risk you take when you do not want to bottle feed and you refuse to cover up.  Again, I hear the comments. I’m not condoning the person taking the picture. I’m just saying it’s going to happen. Also, if you don’t want someone else posting a picture of you breastfeeding on social media, how come you post your own pictures on social media? So it’s okay if it was associated with a “beautiful moment” vs “cover up” comments. That’s called a double standard. 
  • Keep the immigrants out!!!!!! Oh, so you’re entire lineage is from North America right? As in from the Indians that were here when Christopher Columbus docked his ship on the shores.  None of you bitching about the immigrants have Anglo Saxon, Irish, German, Spanish,Italian,French, Puerto Rican, Mexican, etc? Right?  This nation was affectionately known as the “melting pot” because of its’ various races and ethinicty within its’ boarders.  It use to be the country that promised freedom and happiness. Do any of you remember why the United States was gifted the Statue of Liberty?  Do you even know what it says? It says “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free.” When did you people feel that this country that has openly accepted YOUR ANCESTORS, should now close its borders to everyone?! Also, those who want to fight illegal immigration need to start looking at American businesses.  These people coming here are doing so because an AMERICAN is paying them under the table. They’re given jobs that most Americans feel are beneath them. It’s a hard pill to swallow I know. That your own neighbor has Carlos doing his roof. Yea. Thought so. Hope you don’t choke on it. Do I think we should have to learn their language and offer them all kinds of free health care, with other governments benefits, uh no. But shit we already offer it to good ole fashion Americans who don’t want to work and breed like German Shepards. All I’m saying is openly accept that the rest of the world views us the land of opportunity. The land of freedom. Those who go through the right channels should be given the same chance our great great great etc, were given.  I love America.  She use to be amazing. I think she still is underneath all the political correct bullshit and self righteous assholes.  But I hate to say it, if things don’t change, it’s only going to get so so much worse.
  • Common Core.  I hated school when I had to go.  Now I hate school now that my daughter goes even more so.  I have ZERO hours in common core math so how the hell am I supposed to help my kid in shit I’ve never seen much less understand. Critical thinking skills, rationalizing, how about we get our kids to successfully wash the shampoo out of their hair before you start trying to make them into rocket scientist . How about we master the basics before the educational system tells them that they need to draw the blueprints to some piece of equipment Sheldon Cooper thought of?! Teachers hate it. Kids hate it. I loathe it. 

With that my friends, I will