Working Mom Woes.

So as fall makes its beautiful descent to the southern states, I find myself wishing more and more that I could stay at home with my kids.  Granted Hails is in school but Maverick is only 8 months. I want to sit outside and drink my coffee while Maverick drinks is bottle.

I want to go grocery shopping after dropping hails off at school when there’s nobody at Wal-mart and I don’t have to drive around in circles for a parking spot.

I want to take a nap with my son. 

I want to be able to attend every parent involved event at my daughter’s school without having to work it around my lunch schedule at the office. 

I want to be able to stay home and comfort my kids when they’re sick without worrying about calling in.

 I want to be home to make dinner at a decent time. This cooking shit after I’ve been at work since 8 am and finally get home at 6:00 is for the birds. I’ve made some changes that have helped. Like on most Sunday’s I’ll cook a lot so I won’t have to for most of the week. But I’d rather be spending it outside chasing the dogs or taking pictures of my minions (children) playing with leaves or whatever.  

And then there’s Hails homework. She’s in 4th grade and has the most obsurd amount of homework I’ve ever seen. Not to mention that it’s centered around Common Core (the devil’s education). Meaning, a worksheet that should only take us 30 minutes takes an hour or more because my kid doesn’t under the shit and I’m sitting here googling the answers or trying to find how to work it out.  This nightly event almost always ends in frustration or in tears. If I were a stay at home mom, I could pick my child up as soon as school was over and have homework finished way before 8:30 every bloody night. 

And I want to not pay a fucking ridiculous amount of money for someone else to raise my children.  I went back to work once he hit 2 months but I had a private sitter that I (and Maverick) ADORED!!  She was so sweet kinda like a grandmother figure.  And then out of the blue (bless her heart) she became ill and is uncertain when or if she’d be able to keep him anymore.  This lead up to finding a daycare center to put my child in.  Something I DID NOT want to do until he was of preschool age.  But as with all things in life, that’s just the way it goes.  I use to say that I couldn’t be a stay at home mo however, now it’s all I think about. 

I know I’m not the first mommy out there that feels this way and I know for sure I won’t be the last one. 


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