Facebook Detox.

I am a social media junky. There. I said it out loud. Or wrote it for people to see that I have a problem.  I couldn’t start the day without checking my newsfeed. I’d roll over, grab my phone, and get on Facebook. Despite telling myself that it was going to be filled with things that are going to break my heart. 

I could pretty much guarantee the mood I was going to have by what I encounter while patrolling my newsfeed or reading the things I was tagged in. Frankly, the majority of the things I was reading was horrible. They were sad, depressing, animal and baby horror stories. Day in. Day out. And it was starting to take a toll of my emotional and mental well being. 

These things left me angry and with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. I love animals. I love reading happy stories about them and people. The problem is that the happy news was coming in less and less. I started unfollowing pages. Pages that really did good but whose stories were just awful.

Then there were the “friend posts” that actually make you want to scream “Get the fuck over yourself” and grow up. 

And lastly there were the posts I’d make and share. At least twenty times a day. AT LEAST! So I just decided to stop. I didn’t deactivate my account but I removed the app from my phone. I haven’t been on for two weeks. I haven’t cried. No mental breakdown. No withdrawals. Nothing except happier mornings and moods.  I also have more time believe it or not for my sweet Maverick. And I’m also making memories that I’m keeping to myself rather than sharing every single one with the world. 

I’m hoping to give it up all together eventually. Hoping my family overseas will all get in Instagram lol. 

Here’s to making one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 👍🏻