Things I Love:

I just felt the need to write about the things that bring me everyday happiness. The things that on a gloomy day, can make it a great day!!!
Because sometimes you have to focus on even the smallest bright side of a bad day to prevent yourself from going ape shit on someone!

So here’s my randomly composed list of “happies”
My Family. Annoying some days?! Yep. Give me a headache and stress me out?! Sure! But my family is by far the biggest factor of happy in my life! Hubby, Hails, fur minions all add to what I love best about coming home.

Makeup!!!! Sadly, I am like a lot of women and have more than my fair share of the shit! And guess what?! Let there be a sparkly eye shadow on sale and even though I have 6 in the drawer super close to that color, Imma buy it anyway!!!

Baking. That’s right. When I’m mad at the world, I ca be your worst nightmare, but when I’m HAPPY, I bake the shit out of stuff!!!! Get your Betty on!

Scarves. You like shoes, I like pieces of fabric that go around your neck and get caught in car doors (or does this only happen to me?!) I have a scarf I think for every outfit in the winter. Winter. Because you wearing a scarf in the summer is fucking dumb as shit. How do you not melt?!

Victoria’s Secret undies. It use to be (a long time ago before I understood the concept of paying credit cards off) in my 20s that if I had a bad day, a trip to buy some pretty frilly undies when be the cure all to a crappy day!!! Now, with a mortgage, car notes, a daughter, a baby on the way, three dogs, and buying real food, I have to wait to indulge this little guilty pleasure until the semi annual sale rolls around.
Side note: with by belly looking like a beach ball and my ass cheeks all but disappearing during this pregnancy, it will be June before I purchase anything that doesn’t extend from under my belly button and fully encloses all parts of the nether regions.

Pinterest. I have surpassed the 13,500 pins. Yes, I work. Yes, I have a life. But this is a real addiction. And I am very proud of that number!!!

Animals.. I love animals. Especially doggies!!! My idea of heaven is going to where ever the dogs go. I love to play with them, cuddle with them. Spend time with them. Talk to them. They make me happy with their wagging tails and happy to see you kisses. And if you don’t like dogs, or care about the safety of animals, we can’t be friends. And chances are you probably genuinely suck as a human being anyway!

Giving back. I genuinely enjoy making a difference. It not only makes those you affect happy but it also makes you feel happy. Donating, volunteering, advocating. No matter how big or small, every little bit counts!!!



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