Goodbye 2014!!!

I’m sure I’m not the only person typing away thinking “Holy shit, the years over!” I literally feel like I just wrote the New Years post for the this year!!! Which I laughed at because the only thing that really “Happened” in 2014, was me getting knocked up. (High five Nick! Whoop Whoop)
I wrecked my car. No excuse me, totaled my car so I upgraded to a Camry. A true mom car. And I’ve accomplished none of the Diy projects I have on my pinterest board!!!
So I feel like a failure, kinda!
But really, this year has been one of blessings! My sister got married. And she is also expecting (in January) a sweet little girl. And my sister in law is also expecting. So our family just continues to grow and grow.

I hope and pray that 2015 is full of just as many blessings (other kind, not baby kind) I hope everyone is healthy and remembers that living and experiencing life is so much more than earning that pay check. It’s more than the new iPhone you stood in line for hours to purchase. It’s more than looking at your budget and asking how we are ever going to afford something.

This year has completely flown by and it had me reflecting on the things I haven’t accomplished, on the fact that my daughter is growing up so fast ( the kid asked for bras with padding and an iPhone, uh what?!) that i know I only have limited nights worth of snuggle time with her before she kicks me to the curb.
I realized my parents are older, my sister now has her own family, & our Culbertson family dynamic has changed. And though I’m happy that we have all cemented our relationships, I can’t help but get sad that it’s not just Alex, mom, dad, & myself. I find that we are still trying to plan family vacations together even though we are all in separate families. So don’t rush your days away. If you’re still in your teens living at home, treasure your days. Especially the holidays you are still spending with your Padres and siblings.

Hope you all have a very safe and Happy New Year!!
Please don’t drink and drive!










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