Fall Maternity Session

I never had the chance to take pictures when I was pregnant with Hailey. I was younger actually, I was pregnant at 22 (I am 32 now) and at a very different place in my life. So with this pregnancy, I’ve been doing all the things I wanted to do while pregnant including take maternity pictures.
Just wanted to share of few that were done at the University of Southern Mississippi in Long Beach on a beautiful fall day!!!!





Brett Family Update

Hello 8 MONTHS!!!
Yes. I am 8 months pregnant as of this week and I absolutely feel every bit of 9 months. I’m very cranky most of the time to be honest. We can blame that on the not sleeping, aches and pains, and the extra weight gain. However, I know the next few weeks are going to fly by and our new baby boy will be here in our arms before we know it.
Thankfully, the nursery is just about finished with the exception of some artwork and we just need a few more things to prepare for Maverick’s arrival. Nick painted the walls and set the crib up and I started organizing his closest.
We’ve been asked over and over what the theme is for his room and truthfully, we don’t have one. I like dogs and it has been hell trying to find puppy bedding that goes with blue and gray walls. Long story and long hours worth of searching and still no puppy bedding 😦 BUT I did find some very dainty and cute bedding for his room but it’s not in yet.
We are also waiting on my rocking/arm chair and changing table!
Just wanted to share the progress with yall!!!