Getting Ready for Baby Maverick.

I can’t remember if I’ve even shared the news that our beautiful family is getting a new addition. The Brett family is expecting baby Maverick’s arrival in February.
Hails wasn’t exactly tickled pink but she’s much happier now and it’s so very sweet to hear her talk to my tummy. Nick is beyond excited that we are expecting a boy. Of course, I guess what football coach wouldn’t be excited to get a little boy?! 😉
We are at the beginning of the 5th month and I wish I could say that we have everything half way done. We aren’t even a quarter of the way done. And that’s because we haven’t even started doing a single thing.
We bought the paint a month and a half ago and it’s sitting there collecting dust. This is not typically me. Unless I’m writing a paper for a class, procrastination is not something I normally do. I’ve purchased one outfit. I still haven’t even picked out baby bedding. With Hails I knew exactly what I wanted. Her nursery was yellow and it was done with Classic Winnie the Pooh. Maverick’s paint scheme is gray and maroon. It’s so hard to find things that match!!!
I guess we are just waiting on the end of football season to get here that way Nick can help. But with the mounting list of shit to do and time moving as fast as it has been, I’m beginning to get anxious. Beyond anxious. And I’m also beginning to get bigger which makes it hard for me to bend over or get up off the floor ha!

As we get things rolling I will post pictures of our “use to be” office space! Here’s to all you new mommies and your beautiful babies!!



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