What My 30’s Are Teaching Me…

Truth be told, I was dreading my thirties. I was dreading getting old and leaving my twenties behind. Granted I had some of the hardest times in life during my twenties. Though I had some great times, Iwas glad to see them go.
Thirty brought self confidence, humility, and compassion.
I started to take notice about the world around me and about other people rather than just focusing on myself. In a way I was a late bloomer when it came to becoming an activist. It was around my 30th birthday when all of my passions, my way of thinking, and personality started to merge together and transform into this completely different human being. And every month after, it’s like I’ve learned something new about myself or about other people that I did not know before.
I hear that 30 is the new 20. Honestly, I want my thirties to be just that: my thirties. I’m excited to see what the next few years will teach me and what kind of adventures my family will have together and see how I continue to grow from one year to the next. I’m excited to be bringing in a new human being with knowledge I didn’t have with my first.
Here’s a few things I’ve learned so far:
• I’ve become a party during the day kind of person. BBQ’s and get togethers are so much fun but hanging out at the bar at night is not my scene anymore.I enjoy not waking up with a hangover because I’ve stayed up drinking until 3:30. (Drinks on suspension until baby arrives)
• We all matter. Every person every where MATTERS!
• The most daunting realization I have had is that people make a choice every day to not care. About anything other than what involves them or their families. And that’s a fact of life I hate. Each of us has a responsibility to this planet and to one another by showing kindness and trying to help others. But nope. People just choose not to care at all. Sadly, one day they too will need someone to show them compassion and kindness. And I honestly don’t know if I could give it knowing the way they lived their life.
• You outgrow people. And that’s okay.
• Forgiveness is a vital part of healing and moving on. This applies to friends, exes, family members. Something’s are unforgivable yes. But many people hold grudges for so long that it wears their souls down. You don’t have to build a relationship. Or forget what they did to you. But forgiveness is a gift that you give yourself. And while you’re out there forgiving people they hurt you, it may be time that you ask for forgiveness from people you may have hurt.
• The little stuff that use to bother you really just doesn’t matter;)
Here’s to my thirties. Your thirties. Our thirties! Here’s to the awesomeness that awaits us in the years ahead!!!