Brett Expansion :)

If there is one thing I now really understand, it’s that every single time I say I am never going to….. The exact opposite happens. I said I was never living with a guy again, or getting married, or having another baby. The last one, I really thought I meant. I was never the mommy type. Never the when I grow up I’m going to have a house full of kids type. And after my beautiful Hails was born & after a very miserable pregnancy, all that did was reinforce the “I’m never”. But I think something happens to you in your 30’s. My biological clock started ticking so loud I could hear it in my sleep.
Hailey turned 9 so I was left agonizing how long I still had to do all the fun little kid stuff like Santa, Halloween costumes, and such. Was I really ready to just have all those things stop abruptly?!

Nick and I had started discussing the possibility. I still made a mental pros and cons list. The biggest being the financial strain it would be on the family. Make no mistake. Having a baby is costly. And this is no return on investment deal. If I tallied up just the basics including child care & the cost of having the baby, it totaled to well over $21,000. THE FIRST YEAR! Am I scaring you yet?! That number right up front for so many people is down right terrifying. I know I almost puked when I was finished. Regardless of that number. And the fact that sleep will be stripped away for God knows how long, we decided that trying after my sister’s bachelorette weekend would be best.

Fast forward a month later. My sister was pregnant and didn’t know it. I was also already pregnant and did not know it. Alex and I are exactly 4 weeks apart. How does that happen?! Our families could not be more excited. I can’t begin to tell you how great it is that the cousins will be so close in age. It’s wonderful. Sadly, even though I spent my days being pregnant the first time telling Alex how miserable it was, nothing could really prepare her. She has been in agony :(. I have not been at my best either. Little baby Brett feels like he/She are sucking the life out of me. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement. And the nausea has not been far behind but thank God it’s been manageable.
As of this week I am 12 weeks in! Almost at the end of the first Trimester! Whoop whoop!

With that I will end this with a look at Baby Brett:)