Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary To Us..

Whoop whoop!!!! We passed a milestone! Nick and I have successfully accomplished 365 days without either one of us killing off the other!!! That ladies and gentleman was a bet I believe for some folks made that know us. This marriage began with the following words of wisdom:
“There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds.”(His & my parents)
“If you mess this up, we’ll kill you (my parents to me)
” Just remember if he screws up, it’s genetic.” (His Uncle Jim)

I think we all laughed and knew that these comments were really made in good fun. Kind of. But truthfully, there really is something a little scary and unsettling those first moments of “Forever”! Despite those first feelings of scariness, I honestly looked at this man so many times during our first year and thought to myself “How’d I get so lucky?” Because realistically I can be a difficult person to live with. I use to think that I wasn’t. That it didn’t take much to make me happy. But who am I kidding? I’m a royal pain in the ass some days. Okay, most days. I have a short fuse and though I try very hard not to freak out, I do. And he’s at the end of the bomb when the fuse burns all the way out.
We haven’t had a HUGE fight. We have had minor speed bumps. That maybe last minutes more so than hours.
We’ve done a couple home improvement projects (still doing stuff to the house) saying goes if you can get through home renovations, you can make it through anything.
My hubby is the calm to my crazy. I went from being completely comfortable being alone in my house to feeling unsettled if he’s not home. I love coming home and he already be there. I like waking up on our weekends, sitting in our chairs on the front porch and deck drinking coffee while he smokes a cigar.
I have grown to love sleeping next to him every night.
Of course not everything is perfect.
Like listening to Mike n Mike at 5 am before I have to be up. Seriously. Wtf guys. Can’t you start broadcasting at 6?!
But it’s minor. We have this whole “you’re a grown ass man/ woman, you do what you want.” Mentality. It’s funny but it keeps things sane 😀!
I’m praying that every year is like our first year! So here’s to you hotness and all that you are to me! I love you and I can’t wait to see how our lives unfold!



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