2014. The Making It Happen Year!

Sigh. I cannot believe that 2013 is over. I spent the last couple days reading people’s year end posts on my Facebook feed and saw many people giving thanks it was finally over. I know for some it’s been incredibly tough and sad. However, I can’t help but think of each passing year as a chapter that allowed more growth, more lessons learned, and time for change.
For myself and my family, we have seen a wedding, lost friends, ended friendships, added new responsibilities, and with each happy or sorrowful moment , I cannot help but give thanks to God for the experiences.
Life is never promised and it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. I for one plan on making more things happen. Not resolutions. But goals that I intend to keep. Here’s a few things I plan on doing in 2014! Would love to know what y’all have planned as well :)!
• de clutter my life. At work, at home! Already started and so far so good!
• Stop wasting precious time fighting with stupid things, like the fitted sheet that won’t go on that damn bed, or fighting with Hails because she’s dressed herself like Punky Brewster or Rainbow Bright. Pick and choose your battles. The fucking can opener is not worth 10 minutes of your day.
• More Me Time. I cannot be my best self if I haven’t given myself the same amount of love and attention that I give my family and the rest of the world. 30 minutes of everyday I will lock myself in my bathroom and pamper, meditate, or give an awesome pep talk to myself while looking at the mirror.
• Do something new every month. Whether it’s try a new place to eat, a new Diy project, a new city, keep life the adventure it was meant to be.
• Get more involved within my community.
• Ask for help. There’s no shame in asking for help. Being to prideful however and failing at the tasks that you’ve been assigned too is a totally different thing.
I will let y’all know how well I do on these tasks I have presented myself with. Hopefully I do well! The key is to be optimistic and keep an open mind. Especially on the try something new goal.
May your families and yourself have a very blessed and Happy New Year !!!!
Picture below fr Pinterest 😉