Uh, Where did the Author of This Blog Go?!

So here we are half way through December and it’s the first time I’ve posted anything since mid October.
Honestly, I thought I was going to stay on top of things! Ha! Haaaaaahaaaaa! I really thought that I would be able to maintain a blog with working full time, football season, being a student part time, being a mom, being VP of Pit Bulls R Us, and president of our Home Owners Association.
I’m going to be honest and say that I have dropped the ball the last few months. I thought I could master the art of time management in a matter of months when I haven’t mastered it in all the years I’ve been alive!
I put too much on my plate and I failed at being super woman.
So what am I to do? Do I give up? Do I step aside and let someone else hold the torch? Do I still take on all of these things by myself??!
I’ve thought much about this and I wonder how many women out there really think they can succeed at all of these things and not kill someone at the end of each day. I can’t give up on the responsibilities I chose to take on.
But I can ask for help. I can ask my husband to make dinner a couple nights of week. I can ask Hails to please make sure all the clothes is out from under the bed before a temper tantrum starts because her shoes are MIA hidden under the piles of clothes.
As much as we want to say, hey I got this shit under control, the secret to actually having shit under control is not having the face the burdens alone.
So as I take a quick breather from classes, and as my Hails gets ready for break, I am taking this moment to regroup and ask for help!
May the season find all of you in high spirits!

Merry Christmas 🙂


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