Thank God for Pinterest

Now I know that I’m not the only mom out there addicted to Pinterest! I like to think I’m pretty creative but occasionally I need fresh ideas. This year, I decided to make presents for Hails second grade teachers. So I turned to Pinterest to guide me.
This was fun for both Hailey & I and only took an evening to make!




Less is More!

This Christmas season, I decided I wanted to do old fashioned gift wrapping with some homemade gift tags.
I love vintage. And I love rustic! So why not incorporate all that into my absolute favorite season of all! CHRISTMAS!
I stamped our little tags and brown paper wrapped our gifts! Finished products are below!!



Uh, Where did the Author of This Blog Go?!

So here we are half way through December and it’s the first time I’ve posted anything since mid October.
Honestly, I thought I was going to stay on top of things! Ha! Haaaaaahaaaaa! I really thought that I would be able to maintain a blog with working full time, football season, being a student part time, being a mom, being VP of Pit Bulls R Us, and president of our Home Owners Association.
I’m going to be honest and say that I have dropped the ball the last few months. I thought I could master the art of time management in a matter of months when I haven’t mastered it in all the years I’ve been alive!
I put too much on my plate and I failed at being super woman.
So what am I to do? Do I give up? Do I step aside and let someone else hold the torch? Do I still take on all of these things by myself??!
I’ve thought much about this and I wonder how many women out there really think they can succeed at all of these things and not kill someone at the end of each day. I can’t give up on the responsibilities I chose to take on.
But I can ask for help. I can ask my husband to make dinner a couple nights of week. I can ask Hails to please make sure all the clothes is out from under the bed before a temper tantrum starts because her shoes are MIA hidden under the piles of clothes.
As much as we want to say, hey I got this shit under control, the secret to actually having shit under control is not having the face the burdens alone.
So as I take a quick breather from classes, and as my Hails gets ready for break, I am taking this moment to regroup and ask for help!
May the season find all of you in high spirits!

Merry Christmas 🙂