And the Best Halloween Costume Goes To….. Not my Hails

The company I work does a lot of things for our community. Last night we hosted a Halloween Safety Program at our local library. We had an awesome officer speak with the kids about safety while trick or treating, checking candy before we eat it, staying away from strangers, & looking out for siblings . There was story time and we drew names for prizes.
The last prize of the night went to a boy and a girl for having the best costume.
I had the honor of drawing names and announcing the winners.
Not realizing that this was going to set me up for an Epic Parenting fail in my child’s eyes I accepted the responsibility.
The ladies from the office discussed the best costumes and as I announced them, the look on my Hails face could have frozen the Sierra desert solid.
Once the library began to clear out my dramatic and devastated daughter says “I cannot believe you didn’t pick me!”
I tried my hardest to explain that even though I did think she had the best costume, it would have looked unfair to the other parents and children if I picked her.
Thinking that my 8 year old could understand this, I thought the conversation would be over.
Sadly, I was mistaken. I heard about it all the way home for 20 minutes. And while she was getting ready for her bath.
The parenting moral I learned from this story:
Don’t be the one handing out the best costume award when your own child is present!
Otherwise you’ll have a headache and your child will be heartbroken and think you’re a meaner!



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