A coach’s wife.

No matter how tired from the week we are. Or how long of a day Friday really turned out to be, you still carry your ass to the game. You still dress cute & smile at everyone there because it’s what you do. Its part of your duty as a coach’s wife. Honestly, if someone asked me anything about the game, i would only be able to say whether we won or lost. I dont know anything about the game. I know a few hand gestures but for the most part I have no idea. Everyone seems to love you when you’re winning. But when you’re losing, lots of people in the stands all of a sudden become coaches. They know what play to run, what player to take out, and who to put in their place. We lost last night. And loses are hard. When your team isn’t doing so great, the crowd thins out a little after half time. But you stay. Even if you want to go. Because it’s what you do.
The cheering, the concession stand food, the complainers, the players, the bright lights, the heat, or the cold.
You stay.




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