A coach’s wife.

No matter how tired from the week we are. Or how long of a day Friday really turned out to be, you still carry your ass to the game. You still dress cute & smile at everyone there because it’s what you do. Its part of your duty as a coach’s wife. Honestly, if someone asked me anything about the game, i would only be able to say whether we won or lost. I dont know anything about the game. I know a few hand gestures but for the most part I have no idea. Everyone seems to love you when you’re winning. But when you’re losing, lots of people in the stands all of a sudden become coaches. They know what play to run, what player to take out, and who to put in their place. We lost last night. And loses are hard. When your team isn’t doing so great, the crowd thins out a little after half time. But you stay. Even if you want to go. Because it’s what you do.
The cheering, the concession stand food, the complainers, the players, the bright lights, the heat, or the cold.
You stay.





It’s finally here! Goodbye Summer! HELLO FALL! How I’ve missed you!


A Mother’s Influence.

Most women don’t give a second thought to looking into the mirror and start picking themselves apart verbally. Standing in front of the mirror, trying to squeeze into a pair jeans. Huffing as you say “I really need to lose some weight” or I’m too fat to fit in these. All the while your six or seven your old daughter is sitting on the bed holding a doll, watching you. Hearing every word you say about yourself and your body.

We live in a society where every
magazine, tv show, news program, tells us what we should look like. And I don’t believe it’s directed at just girls and women. I think it’s directed as men as well. Personally I find a curvy woman more attractive than say a skinny model. But I compare my body to the skinny model versus the curvier one. I constantly find that I’m asking myself why I only see myself as pretty when I’m thin. Mind you I’m a size 3, But I can tell you exactly where the 5 extra pounds I put on are.
It’s horrible that I’m obsessed with keeping my rear fitting in the same jeans as five years ago. Or is it? I eat healthy for the most part. No fast food, no junk food except for special occasions and I exercise regularly. And I try to encourage my family to do the same.
There’s a difference in being skinny and being healthy. I think that we all as a whole need to grasp this, for the sake of our children. Especially our daughters. If we continuously pick ourselves apart in front our girls, what do you think is going to be absorbed into their little brains? I’m only pretty if I’m a size 0. I’m only pretty if I have big boobs. I’m only blah blah. The list goes on. It’s time to break the cycle. It’s time that mothers encourage their daughters to live a HEALTHY life and to have HIGH self-esteem and RESPECT for their bodies.
It’s time that we explained to our daughters and our female peers that a size 0 doesn’t constitute beauty. And a size 16 doesn’t constitute ugly and fat.
But we can’t teach our children to have a positive body image if we don’t start believing it ourselves.
So everyday tell yourself something you love about your body rather than looking at the things you hate.
It’s time to love yourself. And your body. For you and for your daughters.



So here we are football season in full swing! For the next 8 or 9 Fridays, this girl will be sitting in the bleachers cheering for the Biloxi Indians and for my husband. Our Coach Brett. It’s that time of year when our garage will host College football “tailgates. And Sundays will be our regrouping days.

This is my first official year as a coach’s wife, but I’ve been exposed to now fully for roughly 2 years prior. The biggest thing is, this is NOTHING like the show Friday Night Lights. Which I love. And watch to try and make me feel more excited about the up coming season. There’s no Friday night dinner at apple bees after a win. Why? Well because my hubby doesn’t get home until after midnight for starters. And I’m sure that football is like a religion in some places, but on the Coast, it’s not as big. Still important. Just the community doesn’t seem to rally around it like in the show either.

One thing that is the same though is TEAM SPIRIT! Especially for my Hails. She absolutely loves going to Nicks football games! Nothing like having little kids cheer you on and dance in the stands! We have so much team spirit we are going to make our own t-Shirts to wear to the games! Will probably start on those tomorrow! And obv will def post pictures!!!

So far our Biloxi Indians are 2-0! Hopefully we continue to win! Hope y’all’s Football season is in full swing and you’re loving it. Or if you’re like me, learning to love it and keep up appearances lol!