The Eat Sheet

Honestly, I made a trip to the grocery store about once or twice a month. I’d buy a shit ton of stuff, just winging it, and end up spending $300-$350 for a family of three. I know some of you are like um, where are your coupons?! So let me fill you in on “saving” with coupons. Do you REALLY pay attention to what these people buy on those extreme coupon shows? No? It’s shit food. There’s no coupons for meat, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, dairy, etc! Obv I use coupons for toothpaste, razors, shampoo or whatever. But I am talking about FOOD! Real, healthy, food. Who the hell needs to buy 4 gallons of Hawaiian punch! Unhealthy people that’s who. And no. I’m not saying that to be ugly or judge mental! But we eat good, healthy meals the majority of the time. So how have I figured out an additional way to save a little cash?!
I’ve started going once a week. On Sundays. I sit down in the morning, with a cup of coffee, go through my cook books, and figure out what to make.
Most are 25-30 prepare time dishes because like most of you, I work. And there’s no fucking way I’m cooking for an hour and a half when I get home.
Then I make my grocery list according to the menu.
I found this awesome, free template at it has become a life saver for me. Go check it out. You will be happy you did!

Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend! Xoxo



One thought on “The Eat Sheet

  1. bri - deliciously active says:

    I agree with the couponing. I’ve never been envious of the extreme couponing shows because everything they buy is stuff I don’t use in my home! We shop the perimeter of the store – meats, fruits, veggies, dairy. But I do need to get better about pre-planning the meals for the week. I find myself thinking of what to cook during my commute home and stopping by the grocery store. Preplanning will also help me rotate meals more often.


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