Back to School!!! School Year 2013 whoop whoop!

Holy crap, where the hell did the last 2 months go?!!! Here we are, the first day of school. Again. Here’s my Hails sportin her first day outfit and hair. All smiles. Filled with excitement. And nervousness. she could barely sleep. actually she woke up before her alarm clock. She barely touched her breakfast and Mom is already bracing herself for a mental breakdown.
Nick started teaching high school kids for the first time, hails is starting a new school, and I have less than 3 weeks before my own classes begin.
Hails is repeating the 2nd grade and we felt that a new school would help ease any questions by peers. Granted its not the school I would have chosen, but the decision to not have her continue at her old one was a necessity for our families. (I say families because obv we co-parent, she stays with her dad and stepmom for a week and back to us) yes, it’s hectic! That’s a whole other post for another time.

As if this wasn’t a hectic time to deal with, my family is also coming in to town for a couple weeks. I mean the timing couldn’t be more stressful! But we will get through it, get back into a more steady routine, and I will drink myself into a fucking coma Saturday nights to take the edge off!!

Here’s to homework, school projects, open houses, morning tantrums, and football!

Hope all have an awesome first day of school 🙂



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