Reliving Childhood memories and Making Some for Hails.

Normally I hate Mondays. Literally despise them. I have to leave my comfortable bed and go to work like the rest of the population. I had requested the day off since I needed to take Hails to the dentist, myself to the dr, and to the university to get my ass back in school. I figured it was going to be an all day affair.
As fate would have it, I was seen on time for once, so was Hails, and talking to admissions was WAY EASIER than expected.
I had packed a cooler with veggies and strawberries for me and sandwiches for Hails. At 12:30 we high tailed to the splash pad on the beach and spent the rest of the day having some much needed fun in the sun!
The ice cream truck circles around the beach and the splash pad and every time I hear it, I always think about when I was little.

Summer time and the ice cream truck go hand in hand. I love being able to still have a piece of my childhood still present in Hails childhood.
The world is so very different and these kinda of things make me smile and treasure the moments.

We got lucky since its been raining every day since the 4th of July and Hails starts school on the 8th.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that summer is leaving as fast as it came. I’m struggling to make these last couple weekends a blast for her and myself!

Here’s to the rest of the summer! May y’all’s be spectacular ;)!



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