Find Pit Bulls R Us on Facebook!

For those of you that just started following me, I’m an animal lover. In A HUGE way. I have a “grown up” job but my passion is helping animals and fighting against cruelty. I am also a pit bull or bully breed advocate. Our family has three dogs. Two which are sweet pit bulls. I’m also an admin on an amazing Facebook page called Pit Bulls R Us. It’s such an amazing page.
We try to educate the general public about our dogs, misconceptions, and try our best to break down stereotypes.
Positive posts, positive stories really help our cause. The page’s founder is Savannah and she’s one of the best folks I know.
We also welcome posts from others and pictures of families and their pittie babies.
It’s an anti dog fighting page, you can post the sale of puppies on this page, it’s only feel good, do good!
So if your a bully parent, stop on by and like our page! Just look for the Pit Bulls R Us and click LIKE!
Fighting ignorance and BSL one like at a time;).



2 thoughts on “Find Pit Bulls R Us on Facebook!

    • anamculbertson says:

      Your boy is absolutely stunning!! It’s so wonderful to meet other people who share the same passion especially about our dogs! It’s been a rough couple weeks on the coast with several dog attacks. One where it’s obvious they mislabeled the dog but now individuals are up in arms about putting into effect a breed ban.
      Really hoping it doesn’t get pushed into effect.

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