Cruelty Free Beauty at Bargain Prices

There’s literally a Walgreens on every corner it seems like. Yes, Walgreens is over priced and you can ALWAYS find it cheaper at Wal-Mart I’m sure. However, my sanity is worth more to me than saving a buck fifty on a bottle of lotion.
Now that doesn’t mean that I willingly pay more for items. Especially now, since I’m a newly wed and its no longer my budget but OUR budget and we have set a spread sheet up and everything. I won’t pay full price for most things.
But Walgreens has a perks reward card. That actually pays off!
This past week I finally ran out of face wash and I was hell bent on finding a cruelty free face wash that didn’t cost $20.00. And Walgreens had just the thing. Along with a couple other products.

Bert’s Bees face cream wash. Smells amazing, leaves my skin fresh feeling, and doesn’t dry it out.

St. Ives apricot scrub. I’ve been using this since my early twenties. I love it! Now use too, you could find no animal testing on the bottle. However, unilever bought them and is now their parent company. They still don’t test on animals but since some products that are under unilever do, they can’t put it on the bottle.

Tresseme dry shampoo for oily hair! Yaaaayyy I love this stuff! Smells great. Perfect for the days I dragged my butt out of bed way too late!

Those items were all on sale!
The other items in my pic were bought at Walmart. All cruelty free as well and have summery beach scents. I love the smell of coconuts!

My hope in posting things like this is that I introduce y’all to new products that are wonderful, inexpensive and cruelty free. As a mom and a wife, I know how important budgets can be.
You can still be the prettiest version of yourself even on a budget.
Hope y’all have an amazing day!!
Xoxo Ana



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