And the Rain Won’t Stop

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days, work has been exhausting and I just wanted to be in a semi vegetated state. By vegetated I mean turn on NetFlix and waste hours of my life catching up on season 7 of Supernatural while Hails spends the week at her dads.
Originally we had BIG plans this weekend. We were going to go camping and set up her lemonade stand but being hurricane season in the south also means its monsoon season. Camping was cancelled and so was the lemonade stand. So now my Hails is on the Xbox playing Dance revolution and I’m trying to not go stir crazy.
I dislike the rain immensely, I worship the sun and all of its glory. Saturday and Sunday are my days to have the family outside so you can just imagine my distress when we get rained out.
My husband tried to make the weekend better by setting up Camp Brett in the backyard. Again no such luck though with all this rain.
I hope all of you had a sunnier weekend than we did. Xoxoxo



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