Our First Adventure as a Married Couple.

Nick has always had a wide selection in his taste for music. If you borrow his iPod, you’ll find anything from Frank Sinatra (love) to some straight twangy country, to Tool. I am not that crazy about the twangy stuff however, the sound of a banjo gives me goosebumps in a pleasant way. Unless we’re watching deliverance in which case not so much. Nick also loves the blues and has so many songs from so many different people. Sadly, I have not one single blues song on my iPod. Mine’s filled with pop, alternative, Disney channel icons ( I have an 8 year old daughter, those are for her. Okay?!) to straight techno and dub step. Yes, I raved on back in the day lol.
Any how, Mississippi is known as the birth place of the blues and Nick stumbled upon blues markers.
So we’ve decided that our first official adventure as a married couple would be to track down blues markers and take pictures of each. Nothing better than listening to tunes and making random side road trips on our way to places right?! Looking forward to this little history lesson! Here’s our first one:



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