Reliving Childhood memories and Making Some for Hails.

Normally I hate Mondays. Literally despise them. I have to leave my comfortable bed and go to work like the rest of the population. I had requested the day off since I needed to take Hails to the dentist, myself to the dr, and to the university to get my ass back in school. I figured it was going to be an all day affair.
As fate would have it, I was seen on time for once, so was Hails, and talking to admissions was WAY EASIER than expected.
I had packed a cooler with veggies and strawberries for me and sandwiches for Hails. At 12:30 we high tailed to the splash pad on the beach and spent the rest of the day having some much needed fun in the sun!
The ice cream truck circles around the beach and the splash pad and every time I hear it, I always think about when I was little.

Summer time and the ice cream truck go hand in hand. I love being able to still have a piece of my childhood still present in Hails childhood.
The world is so very different and these kinda of things make me smile and treasure the moments.

We got lucky since its been raining every day since the 4th of July and Hails starts school on the 8th.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that summer is leaving as fast as it came. I’m struggling to make these last couple weekends a blast for her and myself!

Here’s to the rest of the summer! May y’all’s be spectacular ;)!



Find Pit Bulls R Us on Facebook!

For those of you that just started following me, I’m an animal lover. In A HUGE way. I have a “grown up” job but my passion is helping animals and fighting against cruelty. I am also a pit bull or bully breed advocate. Our family has three dogs. Two which are sweet pit bulls. I’m also an admin on an amazing Facebook page called Pit Bulls R Us. It’s such an amazing page.
We try to educate the general public about our dogs, misconceptions, and try our best to break down stereotypes.
Positive posts, positive stories really help our cause. The page’s founder is Savannah and she’s one of the best folks I know.
We also welcome posts from others and pictures of families and their pittie babies.
It’s an anti dog fighting page, you can post the sale of puppies on this page, it’s only feel good, do good!
So if your a bully parent, stop on by and like our page! Just look for the Pit Bulls R Us and click LIKE!
Fighting ignorance and BSL one like at a time;).


Cruelty Free Beauty at Bargain Prices

There’s literally a Walgreens on every corner it seems like. Yes, Walgreens is over priced and you can ALWAYS find it cheaper at Wal-Mart I’m sure. However, my sanity is worth more to me than saving a buck fifty on a bottle of lotion.
Now that doesn’t mean that I willingly pay more for items. Especially now, since I’m a newly wed and its no longer my budget but OUR budget and we have set a spread sheet up and everything. I won’t pay full price for most things.
But Walgreens has a perks reward card. That actually pays off!
This past week I finally ran out of face wash and I was hell bent on finding a cruelty free face wash that didn’t cost $20.00. And Walgreens had just the thing. Along with a couple other products.

Bert’s Bees face cream wash. Smells amazing, leaves my skin fresh feeling, and doesn’t dry it out.

St. Ives apricot scrub. I’ve been using this since my early twenties. I love it! Now use too, you could find no animal testing on the bottle. However, unilever bought them and is now their parent company. They still don’t test on animals but since some products that are under unilever do, they can’t put it on the bottle.

Tresseme dry shampoo for oily hair! Yaaaayyy I love this stuff! Smells great. Perfect for the days I dragged my butt out of bed way too late!

Those items were all on sale!
The other items in my pic were bought at Walmart. All cruelty free as well and have summery beach scents. I love the smell of coconuts!

My hope in posting things like this is that I introduce y’all to new products that are wonderful, inexpensive and cruelty free. As a mom and a wife, I know how important budgets can be.
You can still be the prettiest version of yourself even on a budget.
Hope y’all have an amazing day!!
Xoxo Ana


The Not so Cookie Cutter Mom Chronicles

As of 7:45 this morning I’ve seen five different mommy articles from five different moms that were so damn cookie cutter and covered with sugar that I almost puked in my mouth.
Before I go into this post let me just say this about my 8 year old: I love my Hails with every fiber of my being. She is the driving force behind wanting to make this world a better place and trying to change it in the first place. I will protect and defend this little girl with the ferocity of a mama grizzly. Now with that being said, I AM NOT A COOKIE CUTTER MOM!
I will never tell you what I think you want to hear. I will tell you about my experiences as a mother and frankly some of them just down right suck.
That’s right it’s not unicorns and rainbows 24 hours a freaking day people get real.

Below is a list of the shit people fill your head with and the actual reality of the situation:
1. Every woman wants to be a mom. Or needs to be its how she’s made.
Negative ghostwriter the pattern full. There are many women that want nothing to do with kids. Sure they’ll make great aunts, but as far as having their own, they’d rather cut off an arm. I was like that. Hearing a child screaming in a restaurant made me shutter with disgust. Having worked in a restaurant and having to clean up the mess that people let their screaming minions create IS NOT PLEASANT!
Clean up after your kids. I always asked for a broom if Hails made a mess!

2. Pregnancy is beautiful and I loved it!
Who the F are you talking to? Let me tell you about me and my pregnancy. It was misery for probably 7 out of the 9 months. And the other two were only just bearable. I didn’t have morning sickness. I had every waking moment my eyes were open sickness. So sick in fact that I lost weight instead of gain.
Fatigue. Constant fucking fatigue. I didn’t have the energy to climb up a staircase.
Sleep what sleep?! I tossed and turned because my belly was in the way.
You don’t glow. I have no idea where the glowing came from. That sheen you see is SWEAT! I sweated my fucking ass off the whole time.
The only part I enjoyed while pregnant was being able to feel my baby moving and knowing she was safe in my belly.

3. Labor isn’t all bad. Excuse me?! You know I was told that once I held my baby in my arms that I would forget all about labor pains. Hailey is 8 and every time someone tells me I should have another baby I get flashbacks like a bad LSD trip of an alien ripping through my body! I vividly remember labor! I was in it for 17 hours 10 without pain meds and I was on pitocin. The drug that makes your contractions come faster. The devils drug.

4. Every moment of everyday is to be cherished.
Okay, yes especially good moments. But I don’t cherish being puked on, shit on, peed on, sleep deprived, embarrassed at Walmart because she’s decided to throw her behind on the ground and scream as if I was murdering her. I don’t treasure her not sleeping longer than 15 minutes at nap time, not taking showers, falling asleep while pumping because she would never latch on.

5. Breast feeding your baby makes you skinny. If you’re getting this statement from a celebrity mom, she’s also got a personal trainer stashed away who kicks her ass during workouts AND a nanny to keep her baby! At 6 months after having Hails, I weighed 2 pounds more than the day I went in to deliver her. I cut out everything that tasted good and started exercising during my lunch break when I went back to work. That’s how I lost the baby weight.

7. It gets easier as your baby gets older. I am not going to tell you this. Every age has its moments. When Hails was a baby I could just dress her up in whatever I wanted and be done with it. Now, she hates for me to brush her hair, she doesn’t want to wear what I picked out. I literally fight with her most mornings to get her out of bed for school. It’s a battle. I’m not ashamed to admit that my kid has gone to school with her hair looking like a rats nest and dressed like rainbow bright because hey, I got her to school on time.

8. It brings you closer to your other half! For some couples it does. For those who were suffering through turmoil and a stressful relationship it makes it even worse. Period. I knew after having Hails I didn’t want the same things out of life as her dad. I wanted a different kind of person in my life as well. And things ended. A baby won’t fix your existing problems. It will make them worse.

I’m expecting to get some negative feed back from this post and that’s okay. This is MY experience as a parent. I’ve had friends who are at their breaking point with their newborn call me and ask if locking themselves in the bathroom to cry for 5 mins is normal. And yes. It is normal.
The whole point of posting this is to give new moms or soon to be moms a sense of reality. There are so many sugar coated magazines or blogs about mommy hood that make you feel like a failure if you’re not experiencing the same emotions or moments of enlightenment like these other women.
Every baby is different just like every women is. And your experience is unique because its yours.


Discover Mississippi

Sometimes you can be a tourist right in your own state. We spent our Sunday Funday driving the Coast looking for Blues and Jazz markers. We stopped in Pass Christian to have lunch at the Harbor at Shaggy’s. Afternoon sun, beach breeze, and some cold beverages (along with food), we were ready to go find some blues markers.
Our scenic route is Hwy 90. I love driving the beach. Granted our waters aren’t the emerald green people look for, but it’s still a pretty drive.
Our first stop was in Bay St. Louis.
We had such a great day.
Def can’t wait for our next trip to find some more markers!! As with all things, the fun doesn’t last forever and it’s back to work! Hope y’all have a great work week! Xoxoxo


Healthy Eating

I’m sure many of you have heard of gluten free eating. It’s not intended to be a diet. It’s intended as a lifestyle change for many people who suffer from gluten allergies or celiacs disease. So what’s gluten? Gluten is a substance found in grains, cereal, wheat that stretchy elastic look. It’s a type of “sticky” protein. And though it may taste super yummy (a loaf of French bread anyone) it can throw our digestive system completely out of whack. I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR AN EXPERT! So please don’t go taking anything on here as medical opinions or whatever! But for those of us who have issues with gluten you know just how miserable you can feel. I haven’t been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. What I have been diagnosed with is a shit ton of food allergies that can have similar effects to gluten induced symptoms. I am allergic to brewers yeast ( no beer for me folks), bakers yeast ( damnit!) wheats, oats are okay though. Oranges, egg plants, bananas, dairy, peanuts (I f’n love peanut butter) and the list goes on and on. The yeast and wheat allergies have forced me to live a gluten free life for the most part. I love milk and cheese and so far I’ve just decided to deal with the side effects. However, since learning of all the other allergies I have, and cutting them out, I have not been half as sick as I normally use to be.
I’m asthmatic as well. And come to find out, some of the times I thought I was just having another attack, we realized that it could have been triggered by a food allergy. Trust me when I tell you that it’s like the heavens opened up and the angels sang when we figured this out. I’ve had asthmas since I was 2 and it wasn’t until after I turned 30 that we figured all of this out.
Food allergies can cause different symptoms not just difficulty breathing.
Headaches, upset stomach, stomach cramps, bloating, fatigue, your ears itching, the roof of your mouth swelling, etc. again I am not a doctor and these are mostly my symptoms. But if you seem to think you have food allergies it’s worth talking to your dr about.
Occasionally I fall off the wagon & eat something I’m not supposed to and that leads to me feeling no bueno. On top of all the things I can’t eat because they make me ill, I also choose to not eat meat. No chicken, no beef, no pork, no turkey. If it walks on land, this girl does not eat it.
My conscious constantly interfered with me after I saw the documentary about where our food comes from. The way animals are treated is beyond horrific. And cruel and I can’t continue to be a part of that. My family still consumes meat and I cook for them because I cannot push my beliefs on anyone, however I try so hard to always buy cage free, free roaming chicken and such. I eat eggs and again I buy farm house, cafe free, free roaming, organic eggs.
I will try to include a lot of gluten free brands in my next post for those who are interested. I hate that I can’t post it but as always, time isn’t on my side. Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday! Xoxoxo