June Birthdays and Family Fun in the Sun Day 18.

On my side of the family, no one else had a June birthday. Just sweet, cute, little ole me. Now that Nick and I are together I share June with my mother in law (Mrs. Wanda), my sister in law (Leslie), and my brother in law (Trey). And what better way is there to celebrate birthdays than have them all together at once!! We traveled from the Coast to Starkville yesterday morning to spend quality birthday time with the Brett’s and Ward’s. Mrs. Wanda bought a slip n slide for Hails to use and use it she has. It wasn’t even 9 am this morning and she was already in the water. And yesterday, Stella Gray and Hoss (our two pits) decided that the slip n slide was pretty awesome and they needed to check it out as well. Deuce isn’t real fond of the water so our furry little dog stayed safe on the deck. Mr. Bracky put catfish on the grill, along with hot dogs for those who enjoy meat (I don’t eat meat).
I’m a little ashamed to say I indulged in pie (as in ate it all freaking weekend) lemonade pie, strawberry pie and peach pie. To say that they were delicious would not do them any justice. They were freaking unbelievable!
That just means I will have to go a little extra on the treadmill this week I guess lol.

Summer has officially (according to the calendar) started as of yesterday. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer is going to bring!
Hope all of you have a blessed Sunday Funday!!! Xoxo



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