Do Good Feel Good Day 17

We have been so busy at work trying to prepare for our adoption event. My supervisor (Jill) got approval to let us partner up with our local Humane Society to host an adoption event at our office. I made flyers, handed them out to so many of our members, went to our local Pet Smart, Starbucks, posted the event on Facebook and twitter.
South Mississippi Humane society brought over 5 dogs. All absolutely adorable in their own way. Out of the five, two were adopted. Which is great. But my goal was really to try and get all five adopted. These are the things I live for. I’m happiest when I feel like I’m helping make a difference. Even if I feel disappointment, I still feel like I still touched a life. And that makes every day worth while. Better yet, I’m a parent who is teaching the next generation of leaders what it is to be compassionate and am able to pass on my beliefs that every life no matter how big or small, or person regardless of social class, is important.
My hope is that by reading my blog, some of you will take a different stand on issues that you didn’t realize meant something. I hope that some of you learn to help another and realize that there’s something truly rewarding about being part of something bigger than your every day life and actually being a part of bringing upon change.



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