Happy Father’s Day

Originally this morning, I planned to get up before Nick and make him an awesome breakfast. However, 7 am comes early and he was up before I was. So I failed :/. Instead we opted for Krispy Cream donuts and we made it into town just as the light was on. If you know anything about Krispy Cream, you strive to go when the lights on. Freshly made and glazed donuts.. I’m not much for sweets or donuts but I do enjoy a Krispy cream donut. And my husband enjoyed his Father’s Day breakfast :). And though I may have failed at breakfast, I shall not fail at lunch/dinner. Shrimp and grits is what’s to be had at Casa de Brett.
Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. But especially those who are step dads. Because you chose to love a child that wasn’t yours as your own. Because you chose the job as a parent knowing it wouldn’t be easy. And because you loved a woman and loved her child and CHOSE them to be your family! Much love and respect to you all on this day :).



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