The oh so Famous Bucket List!

I just learned where the term “kick the bucket” came from. Apparently back in the day when hangings were the popular thing, the ones who were about to be hung, were made to stand on a bucket. And well, the bucket was kicked out from under them and that was that. So now you know. Interesting huh?! Lol I don’t plan on having a noose tied around my neck and being hung so I will no longer refer to this as my “bucket list” but rather, “Shit I Really Wanna do Before I Die” list. That seems more fitting don’t you think? Anyway, the pope said once (don’t ask which one cause I can’t remember okay) if there’s something you really want to do, do it. There are only so many tomorrows. That has stuck in this pretty little head of mine. So without anymore needless babbling, here is AnaMae’s
Shit I Really Wanna do Before I die:
1. Go to Italy with my sister

2. Own a home. (Done, with my awesome husband obviously)

3. Start a bully breed ( pit bull) rescue. The name will be Gray Destroyer Rescues. Named after our beautiful Stella Gray our bluenose pit.

4. Run a marathon. I will have a shirt that says “lil wheezy did it” (I’m asthmatic. Get it?!)

5. Take Hails on a road trip

6. Start a traveling scrapbook

7. Get organized and stay organized

8. Take Hails to Paris when she graduates High School

9. Bring Hails and Nick to Spain to meet my family

10. Visit Australia

11. Put a pool in our backyard

13. Go on a cruise with my hubby

14. Send my parents on their honeymoon. They never got one.

15. Learn to surf

16. Go to the Caribbean

17. Learn to drive like on the fast and the furious.

18. Help newly hatched turtles make it to the sea.

19. Help save the rainforest

20. Jump out of an airplane

21. Get married. ( Done. April 13,2013)

22. Write a book with Hailey

23. Go swimming with Dolphins

24. Be on the board of our local Humane Society

25. Help Hailey grow up into a fearless, independent, woman. Who is compassionate and stands firm in her beliefs.

26. Renew our vows in Spain

I’m sure there is something I’ve forgotten to write on here. These are the things I really want to do. Guess I better get a move on huh?



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