Day 13.


I’ve always felt an immense sense of pride for myself, my family, and my heritage. I’m just as American and patriotic as anyone born in the United States. Or born a 100% American or whatever. But I am 3/4 Spanish and it is something I am so proud of and in love with. The majority of my family lives in Spain. I haven’t seen them in awhile, but my grandparents did come to our wedding. I’m in fluent in Spanish, so obviously I took Spanish all throughout high school and college. Can we say EASY A!!! Unfortunately, I have failed miserably when it come to teaching my blonde haired blue eyed baby girl my native language:(. When she was a baby, I sung all of her lullabies in Spanish. But teaching her to hold conversations, well that just didnt happen. So now I’m married and introducing my husband to this part of my life. He’s been so into trying to learn. He even has an English to Spanish dictionary to help him out. I’d love to be able to introduce both my daughter and Nick to the wonderful culture Spain has to offer. Get Nick to try some Spanish beer and have Hailey taste what a real European pastry taste like. Hopefully soon. Very soon.


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