Day 12 of Awesomeness:

Music… I’ve never played an instrument, I can’t read music. And I may not sound good when I sing, but that doesn’t stop me from singing EVERY WHERE! At home, in my car, in a restaurant, if I know the lyrics, I’m jamming out. Music is one of those things that no matter where you come from, your background, your ethnicity, it can move and unite everyone. All of us can FEEL music. It can inspire us, heal us, make us sweat out harder. Music can help us sort through our feelings and put words to what’s going on inside. I have a track for every major moment in my life. I have an awesome soundtrack to my life. Occasionally I replace a song in my playlist with something better. I try to expand my horizon especially with music. I mean the top 20 is great and all, but hearing a song by someone new and just LOVING it, has a profound affect on me. My absolute fav new artist? My Hails. I’ve never heard an 8 year old with such a soulful voice. It reminds me of old music. Hails can sing her little heart out. One of my absolute favorite routines is singing in the car with her on my way to drop her off at school. That makes my morning awesome. It adds awesomeness into my life 😉



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