Where Humanity Is?

Sometimes, I find myself at the end of my rope. Not with my life, but with people. I pray every day that I have the patience to not karate chop the stupidness out of individuals. The lack of common sense, manners, and just knowing how to act like a sensible human being have just about ceased. It is somedays, with sadness that I realize I belong to the same species as those on the “real housewife” of anything or teen mom. I don’t watch that shit. I have occasionally skimmed the channels paused long enough to see someone make a complete moron of themselves and turned the channel.
When Barbara Walters announced that she found Honey Boo Boo one of the most interesting people, I thought I was going to crap a brick during this announcement. A young lady from over seas was shot in the face by muslim terrorists for openly defending that girls be allowed an education and a chubby spoiled ass little brat is on your most interesting people list. What the hell is happening to the human race. Our ancestors over came so many obstacles for this?! For our world to be going to hell at the speed of light?For our teen daughters to show that they’re knocked up and making sex tapes?! For the term house wife to be glamorized?! Excuse me, but those fake, plastic surgery faced bitches have NO IDEA what it means to really be a house wife. Come talk to my mother. She will show what a house wife really is. Every 5 seconds some tragedy is occurring and rather than gather together as a community, you have churches, CHURCHES, wanting to picket funerals, make horrible comments, and add more grief to aching hearts. And please don’t even let me get started on the amount of animal cruelty that is happening every F’n day on this planet. Reading the news depresses me, reading the baby daddy mama drama on my Facebook feed is annoying, using your children as bargaining CHIPS IS NOT COOL and makes you a shitty parent in my book, trying to find some really good inspiration is hard sometimes.
But among the bad, there are a few people in this world, who I think God may have spoken a little louder too. People who despite the norm, will do the right thing because it is the right thing. Reality tv is not reality. You want to see “Real”, you want to see what real fear, heartbreak, hope is like?! Turn off your damn tv and take a look at the world around you. Really LOOK! Look at the hurt and the suffering. And then look at the few who try so very hard to save human race and the very little humanity that’s left in the world. I am no better than another. It’s not that I think I’m better than anyone. It’s that I want this world to be a better place more than most I guess. I think our Heroes are those individuals who make a stand against something that’s terribly wrong. I applaud celebrities who rather than get coked out and end up in jail, spend their money and use their great influence to help the world. But I applaud the everyday people, who rush to the aid of others. Who give beyond their means. Who help me retain what little hope for humanity I have.



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