Day 11

I’m not going to go into any false statements and say: I have the job of my dreams. Because I don’t. Not because where I work is awful per say. BUT, my passion is animal rescue and philanthropy. Community outreach is something I love to do. Educating my friends, my family, my Facebook family about the charities I’m passionate about is what brightens up my day. Now I work customer service. One day, I will start my own pit bull rescue, but until that day, I want to share about the people I work with and what they mean to me. I may not enjoy every aspect of my profession (who really does?) however, I love my co-workers. And I love that our company wants to be involved in our community as much as they do. The folks in my particular office are like family. They are some of the most self-less and giving individuals you will ever meet. Every year, I along with the ladies in the office, start our “Spread the Joy Campaign.” We start looking for a charity or family in need around October or so and begin fundraising. And by fundraising, I mean among ourselves and co-workers. Every dime collected comes from Employees within our office. Not from our members. Last year was amazing and we were able to help two families in need. Kids got presents, clothes, and parents got household items. And Right now our office is getting ready to host an adoption event with our local humane society. These people are so amazing. They are the silver lining to every day. And it’s just like a family here. We celebrate birthdays, we have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at the office. I’ve come to form friendships that will last a lifetime. I’ve learned things about folks, met their families, I’ve never felt so lucky or blessed to be part of such a diverse group.
Working in such a community focused company makes life awesome. Knowing you’re doing things for others that make a difference makes life awesome. 😉



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