31 Days of Awesomeness: Days 4 and 5


This happens to be one of my favorite pictures of Nick and Hails. This was taken last July at Nick’s sisters wedding. Seeing the two of them having fun like this give me more of a “you chose the right guy for the job” feeling. I was 22 when I had Hailey. My third year of college, the first year away from my parents. Granted my boyfriend at the time was my high school boyfriend and first love, but nothing screams “Screw Up” like getting preggers while away at college. Regardless of the ups and downs the 9 months before Hails coming into the world, when I held her for the first time, I knew this little person was all mine and that I loved her more than I could possibly love another human being.
That’s not to say that the last 8 years haven’t been crazy. There is nothing like watching a baby grow into a little person and develop their own personality. Having them tell you NO! Having them tell you what their favorite food is (cheetos), what their favorite color is (varies week to week, think we’re on midnight purple), realizing that putting on The Wiggles or Veggies Tales buys you a quiet 30 min shower when they’re three. There’s nothing like their first day of school, their first public temper tantrum, losing their teeth, or hearing her say she loves you and doesn’t ever want to be without you. Occasionally, when she’s mad or upset, she writes me run away notes. Short simple ones like “you yelled at me, I am leaving, BYE forever.”
The first one made me a little sad. But it was still funny because I use to pack up toys, give a note to my mom, and sit my little ass on the front porch step for HOURS (or minutes). Hails brings a whole new meaning to adventure. She has her mama’s personality mixed with stubbornness from both her daddy and I. She is my little baby. My one and only replica of me. She is my life. She is what has made me become a less selfless person. She’s the force behind my desperate desire to change this world. I want my child to live in a world where the phrase “that’s just the way it is” is completely gone. Hailey is the brightest star in my sky and she will always be my little chimichanga :).
Nick is the calm to my chaos. The voice of reason, when I am freaking out beyond all reason. He is the voice that I lack inside my head, telling me that’s a bad idea. Nick tries very hard to get to see the “other” side of things. I’m very use to seeing the world through Ana’s point of view, and he makes me realize that some people are not stupid just because they aren’t worried about trying to save the world. Nick holds my hand when we’re on an airplane and tell me it’s okay, when really, holding my hand is what makes him feel okay. He’s the person who decided he’d take on the responsibility of a child that’s not his, a crazy Spanish woman and crazy psycho dog, and make us all a family. We don’t agree on a everything, but who does? He eats meat, I don’t. He loves football and I am just trying to understand it. He prefers midday movies and I HAVE to be at the first showing at the ones I really want to see. He’s my partner in DIY and my partner in life. They make up my family of six. Two huge pieces of my heart that I can’t live without!


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