31 Days of Awesomeness: Day 3


My sister, Alex. Ever have a relationship with someone that you have no idea what you’d do without them, but if you spend an extended period of time with them, you just want to throat punch the shit out of one another?! That would be Alex for me. Growing up we constantly did things to try and kill one another. I’d push her over a rusty fence than poor rubbing alcohol on her wounds, she’d push a washing machine down some stairs on top of me. She’d slap the shit out of me, I’d stab her in the leg with a pencil. This was our life growing up about 80 % of the time. Our pissing contest would only stop if we broke something. That happened a lot too. As we got older and moved out, our relationship strengthened. We worked at the same place, went out partying with the same group of people and just had some AMAZING and RIDICULOUS times. Alex is younger than I am but throughout most of my twenties, she acted much more like the older sister. She took care of me so many times when I needed it. Helped me get Hailey Christmas presents when I was single and too broke to afford a lot. My sister was the best maid of honor EVER! I dare someone put theirs against mine. She went way ABOVE & beyond the bridal party duties. About three years ago, before Nick and I got super duper serious, my dad told me he just wanted me to be happy. To have someone to grow old with and someone to have adventures with. I told him: I have my sister. I can do all of those things with her. And I meant it. We’d even end up at the same nursing home together and go back to like we were little. Except we will be beating each other with canes or pushing one down some flight of stairs in a wheel chair… People often refer to us as the “Culbertson Sisters.” We’re known for our sarcastic humor, our Fuck you, if you fuck with us attitudes, and the ability to act stupid whenever, where ever and always have a good time. My sister is my best friend. My life would be so dull without her. I love you Alex!!!!


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