31 Days of Awesomeness: Day 2

Most people have a hero or look up to a person that they probably will never meet. An actor, an athlete, singer, etc. My hero is my dad. He’s a retired Master Chief in the United States Navy. He went to the Gulf on three separate occasions, did countless deployments, and spent countless holidays away from his family. Any man or woman who is in the military is worthy of hero status. Granted you can have influential people from all sorts of back rounds, but I will be damned calling an actor or an athlete a “hero” when they’re not fighting for our country, our freedom, and sacrificing they’re own lives for us.
My dad taught me how important family is. You are always there for your family. And you should always be able to count on your family. He also taught me that you get the things you want through hard work. Always rely on yourself for financial stability. He taught my sister and I to never rely on man to take care of us. My dad is a man of strong opinions and convictions. I inherited standing by my own convictions from him. I learned to not let anyone walk on me and stand up for myself. I’m always referred to as being a ballsy female. Always speaking my mind and telling people to fuck off if they don’t like it. I learned that from him as well. My parents did a hell of a job raising us. Their influence left ever lasting impressions on us. They made my sister and I strong, fearless women. My parents are my role models. My Heroes, my reason for being here in the first place.
I love you dad. Always…



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