31 Days of Awesomeness: Day 1

This beautiful lady would be my mom. I’m sure that everyone says they have great parents. But I honestly do. I basically worship my mom and dad. My mom married my dad, left Spain where her whole family lived, came to the states, and barely spoke English. But she went to class and learned. And speaks it better than most native speakers may I add. Mom was both mom and dad while our dad was on deployment. She was a home room mom, baked cupcakes for our class, always helped us with homework, she did everything within her power for us. I learned what it meant to be an independent woman from her. Home for me where ever my parents are. I’ve spent every Christmas with my family except one. Now that I’m married I will have to get use to doing Christmas away from them every other year. My mom is one of the greatest people I know. Her love for animals trickled down to me (but I take it way more seriously than some think is necessary) I can remember being in the hospital and mom just always being there, holding my hand, playing with hair, and her just being there made me feel better. I remember being older and treating mom go lunch and us go shopping. And she may never admit but I’m pretty sure I developed her OCD for Christmas lights and extreme dislike of stupid people. I have the best parents. I have the best mom.
Te quiero mucho mom :).



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