Hoss Iron Hide Brett IV

It’s Hoss’s week number three at the Brett house and I think that our new addition is settling in nicely. Here he is resting his big head atop poor Stella Gray. She has been so good to her new brother. And so has Deuce the smallest of the bunch. Contrary to what we were told, Hoss never tried to fight anyone for food. He only picked a fight once, and that was extinguished as quickly as it started. He now knows to come in the morning sit in the kitchen and wait semi patiently for a treat. He also knows that everyone sits by the back door, waits for their name to be called, and “come” as the word to come out side. As with Stella Gray, this pittie baby is just as needy if not more so. As I type this, his head is in my lap. You think your two year old toddler is demanding?! Try having a love deprived pit bull who wants nothing to do but cuddle, kiss, and smother you to death. People have such an ugly misconception of these kinds of dogs. Pit bulls/ Staffordshire terriers are labeled because of the terrible things that humanity has brought out in them. They are judged solely on appearance rather than by their personalities. I’ve grown up with many dogs and I just adore the pitties and staffies. I think Nick and I will always rescue them. Always try to share our positive experiences with them. I’m more the advocator than my husband, but I know that Stella Gray has impacted him more than he thought imaginable and he will always tell people of our awesome blue nose pit. Now that Hoss is here, Stella has someone new to play with, Hails finally has “her” dog, Nick has another boy in the house, and I have another baby to nurture and spoil.



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