Remembering the Fallen.


For most of Americans, this is just a three day weekend. An extra day of fun in the sun and some more bbq. Being the product of the United States Navy (as I so proudly refer to myself as) I and my sister know different. My dad is a retired Master Chief. I get to talk with my hero all the time. Actually, I know many men and women who have served. Each acquiring my loyalty and ever lasting love. Our family knows what it feels like to celebrate holidays while a loved one is deployed. And we know the worry and fear of having our dad away at war and not knowing what the future holds. We were always blessed and our dad always came home, but so so many never do. While we all get ready to start our day, take the time to give thanks to these brave men, women, and four legged companions who keep us living the wonderful lives we live. Remember that without our United States Military we would have nothing. No freedoms, no United States, no good life. We should be grateful and show gratitude every day. But if you haven’t, do it today. May God welcome all those that have fought the good fight with open arms. May the families of lost loved ones find strength and have honor and pride in their name and in their family. Supporting our troops is something that flows in my blood. I will always continue to do so as I hope many of you will. Have a safe Memorial Day. Buy a soldier a hamburger, coffee, whatever it is they may be standing in line for. And say thank you..


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