Summer Starts Here!!!!!!


I don’t know about the rest of you but our summer officially starts this weekend! My Hails is out of school, Nick only has mornings to work, and I well I still have my 8-5 M-F but at least it’s not getting dark until 8:30 or so. Summertime is MY FAVORITE TIME! Maybe it’s because I was born in June. Or possibly because I can lay in the sun for hours on end and hardly ever get sun burn. Whatever the reason, I love this time a year. For me the smell of coconut sun tan lotion is what imagine heaven smells like. My best childhood memories are of my sister and I playing in the water hose or at the beach. Or having birthday parties at the pool on base. It’s the time of year where you just throw a dress over your bikini and go out to dinner with beach made waves and smelling like the beach . Summer is the time for summer flings (well not anymore for me), adventures, fireworks, cold adult beverages pool side, tubing, block parties, camping!!! I am so excited it’s finally here!!


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