Counting Our Blessings….


I think the saddest part about posting things like this, is that they’re always done in light of tragedies. This should be something that’s done on a regular basis. And yet, the slightest misstep can cause any one of us to forget our blessings and only count our misfortunes.
When it rains it pours. I get it. Trust me. Your job, school, kids, personal relationships ALL have the ability to go south at one point and time. Nothing is ever, EVER going to be perfect or go exactly the way you want it to go. I’m one of the worst as far as throwing bitch fits goes. I will rant and rave and throw a tantrum. I’ve been known to even stomp my foot at times. But I’ve been trying to do better. And like I said, in the beginning it’s a tragedy that makes us open our eyes. My heart breaks for Oklahoma. As I think many of your hearts as well. They need as many prayers and as much help as possible. With that being said, I think we all need to go on a personal mission to help remind us of how blessed we are. Even when things are going really really bad. I’m a firm believer that without struggles and without sadness we wouldn’t appreciate all the wonderful things we have going on.
When we reflect on all the things we have, I think we are all more inclined to give more to others.
Hopefully this was some what inspiring to you guys. Have a great day! Xoxo


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