The Three Musketeers!!


I figured since these guys are going to be talked about soon, I should probably introduce them to you. Let’s start in order of who was rescued first. The smallest & oldest of the bunch, with the awesome shirt, is Deuce. My tiny little man with a Napoleon complex. He’s all bark and seriously thinks that he can take on a grizzly. But, he gives the sweetest hugs and wants to be held like a toddler.
Then there’s my beautiful Stella Gray also known as the Gray Destroyer. If there was such a thing as a doggie soulmate, she would be mine. She’s a blue nose pit and originally, Nick rescued her. Someone dumped her mom, her brother, and her out like garbage. Mom and brother were kept in my hard until we could have them brought to the shelter, but Nick took one look at her and it was hook, line, and sinker. Nick still had his apartment so he and Stella Gray bonded over there. Buuuuuttt I would be over often with Deuce and Hailey. Or I would bring Stella back to my house and I took her to puppy school, so she’s a mama’s girl for sure.
Then there’s Hoss. He’s the newest member of the household and a big baby. And he is a pit mix.Right at a year old he’s had a hard start at life. He also likes to chew things. He’s chewed a hole in our sofa, helped rip up our carpet… We have only had him for a week :/. He is extremely treat motivated so I have no doubt that we will have a well behaved boy soon.
The three of them are so sweet and each have their own personalities.
I hope you enjoy reading about their daily lives as much as my family enjoys being around them.


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