The One….


Every couple has a story. An “I knew” they were the one moment. Nick and I have been together going on something like 7 years (I think). As with all the newness of relationships, it was unicorns and rainbows. But marriage and sharing our lives together didn’t come into play until the last couple years or so. I don’t really know when Nick’s ah ha moment was and if he ever decides to get on here, I will make sure he posts something about it. In the mean time, I will tell you when or better yet what made me have my moment of clarity.
My parents have been married for 31 years. 31!!!!!! Thats brag worthy rights there! And it’s a lot to live up too. Marriage for me was always something sacred and not something to be taken lightly. It literally means forever. Catholics don’t really believe in divorce either. Since it was such a big deal, I had just come to the decision that it wasn’t for me. Too much pressure. What if it didn’t work out? What if I change my mind about my partner? What if they change their mind about me? WHAT IF, what if, WHAT IF?! I learned many things from my parents. But looking back, the not so recent but favorite thing I’ve learned, was the kind of love I wanted. The kind of love i wanted in a relationship. My dad looks at my mom with constant love and adoration. Sometimes I would catch glimpses and I think to myself ” this must be how he looked at her the first time.”
He would do anything to make mom happy. He would try anything within his power to make whatever she wanted come true. He would always stick by her. If she was to ever get sick, I know he’d take care of her. I wanted someone to look at me the same way.
A couple years ago, I got sick and stayed in the hospital for five days. Nick stayed with me. He washed my hair for me when I couldn’t even get out of bed. That was the tip of the ice berg. Things happened where I slowly began to realize that I was already experiencing a little of what my parents have.
I look at Nick and know that he will always try to make me happy. He will always hold my hair back should I drink myself to puke. He will always listen to my rants about saving the animals. He will put up with my obsessive need to want to try the DIY projects I find on Pinterest.
He will wash my hair if I get sick. He will love me the way my dad loves my mom. And I trust him completely with my heart.
And that my friends is how I knew I found “the one.”


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